Thursday, November 30, 2006

FAO Independent External Evaluation addressed also the UN SDI developments

The interviews were followed by a farewell lunch. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006
Interviews in Hungary for Independent External Evaluation

As former DLAG MoARD desk officer responsible also for some FAO related actions, the Head of the UN SDI Hungarian Coordination Office was one of the Hungarians who was interviewed by the independent experts who will report directly to the FAO Council on the experiences with FAO in the member states. The interviews are part of the follow-on actions of the critical document published by UN officially on November 17 entitled "United Nations Business UNusual". In the interview UN SDI HUCO representative called - among the land management related topics - the recent developments related to the UN SDI initiative, in the context of the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group (UNGIWG), currently co-chaired by FAO and WFP, as a good example, how the inter-UN agency cooperation using harmonised, standardised advanced technologies in the field SDI, EO and SatPos/Nav can provide direct benefits via the use of these enabling technologies to the daily operation of the UN specialised agencies, agency-member states bidirectional data/information flow and the knowledge dissemination especially for the interest of the developing countries. TheUN stakeholders in UNGIWG were mentioned including the positive feedbacks from acknowledged entities such as the NASA, CEOS WGISS, GSDI Association, EUROGI and Unit SDI of DG JRC in the INSPIRE Directive context.
The planned Frascati interagency meeting and the planned UN SDI- DG JRC meeting arranged by Alessandro Annoni was also mentioned. It is anticipated, these actions are convincing relevance how the harmonised use of advanced technologies can assist to go further strengthen interdisciplinary partnership around the spatial data interest community. Arranged by the Department of EU and International Relations the interviews taken including Dr. Károly Pintér, chief fisheries officer of MoARD and Professor József Kiss of the Szent István University, Department of Plant Protection ended by a farewell lunch in the Nádor Restaurant. The UN delegation was lead by Mr. Leif E. Christoffersen Team Leader with member Mr. Michael D.V.Davis both of the Independent External Evaluation of FAO in Rome.
The document is available at (size over 2MB)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Inauguration of the Satellite Geodetic Observatory of FÖMI 30 years ago

Images: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006
Ceremonial Meeting arranged and hosted by FÖMI
Chaired by General Director Szabolcs Mihály of FÖMI (left) and after the welcome addresses of the Deputy DG of the Dept of Land Administration and Geoinformation at MoARD Sándor Tóth and Director of the Space Research Office of MoEW, the following presentations highlighted the past, present and future of the FÖMI Satellite Geodetic Observatory:
I.Joó : Establishment of SGO, I.Almár (left): The first period of SGO, J.Ádám: Importance of the satellite geodesy today, T.Borza: 30 years of SGO, I.Fejes: In the gate of EUPOS, A.Kenyeres: EUREF, GPS altimetry etc, Gy.Grenerczy: GPS applications, S.Frey: VLBI research, T.Horváth: GNSS Service Centre, G.Virág: K-GEO laboratory, GNSS transformation, S.Nagy: Interference investigations

Additional photographs in the Hungarian newsblog
Some of the participants with Academician J.Ádám, fellow of the Satellite Geodetic Observatory, Professor of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Decision in Rome: the FAO Regional Office will move to Budapest!

The former Budapest District Land Office, today the building of FAO SEUR will host the FAO Regional Office in Benczur utca, in the close vicinity of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Andrássy Avenue in Budapest Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2004

Success of the Hungarian agricultural diplomacy.
Besides Santiago de Chile and Bangkok, Budapest will host the third FAO Regional Office responsible for procurements and other administrative activities on regional level.
The move of the Office from Rome will start in 2007 and completed in 2009. The decision will provide an accelerating synergy also on the UN SDI related developments too.
In Mid-December UN SDI national coordinators will meet at the SDI Unit of the European Commission. More news on the FAO Regional Office from the authentic source of
HUNAGI was introduced shortly for the Delegation Members of the FAO European Regional Office during their visit in Budapest in 2003 at a working lunch given by Ms. Maria Kadlicekova. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2003

FAO Representative at SEUR Maria Kadlecikova with State Secretary Fülöp Benedek, President of the Hungarian National FAO Committee and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr. József Gráf at the Scientific Session devoted to the World Food Day Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Autodesk and Intergraph joined EUROGI

Images: HUNAGI Visual resources, 2006
EUROGI's Strategic Issues were also discussed

The European Commission was represented by Ms. Eva Pauknerova of the Unit SDI of the DG JRC, Ispra.

CAGI was represented by President Jiri Hiess, Vice President and Secretary General Tomas Benes.

Also Czech private GI market players were visible during the meetings and social programmes including
GEPRO spol.s.r.o. founded in 1990 and known as developer of the systems KOKES, MISYS and MISYS-CAR in geodetic and general GISS applications (eg. on smart phones and PDAs) and software for vehicle tracking and monitoring respectively ( ) represented by Zdenek Hoffmann.
GEOinformace Journal ( ) by Editor-in-Chief Josef Hnojil
T-Mapy ( )

Intergraph Government Program Manager, Global Marketing Leos Svoboda

Another representatives of the Czech GI Community providing presentations include:
Deputy Director of the Czech Office of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Oldrich Pasek
Prague Technical University, Faculty of CE, Remote Sensing Lab Ms. Lena Halounová
University of Ostrava
University of Brno Dr. Petr Kubicek

Under the Chairmanship of President Jean Poulit, CAGI President Jiri Hiess, the Secretary General of EUROGI Joao Geirinhas, and the following Working and Advisory Group activities have been introduced:
WAG Datasets by Convenor Francois Salgé
WAG User Access by Convenor Rui Gonzales
WAG Applications by Jean Denegre (as Director his successor Alain Bauduin was nominated)
WAG International Affairs by Convenor Bruce McCormack and Director Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp
WAG Communication by Convenor John Leonard

Former Directors Jiri Sima of the Mapping and Cadastre Agency and Jozef Hojdar of CAGI were also invited to the social evening held in the futuristic TV Tower of Prague illuminated with the national tricolor.
The meetings participated by HUNAGI were arranged on the premises of the Ministry of Informatics (MICR) which was recently integrated into the Ministry of Interieur.
The governmental portal has the following URL:
The Hungarian presentations and disseminated background material were as follow:

View on strategic issues
Activities of the WAG International Affairs - towards Europe's Neighbour Countries
Initiative on the Georeferenced registration of Europe's Big Trees
Methodological guide V1.0 (HUNAGI-Miskolc University, Dept of Geodesy and Mine Surveying)

They are available also at the ....About us....Presentations and other documents

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hungarian initiative on the georeferenced registration of the Big Trees of Europe

Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource

Illustration on the recommended tools besides the hand-held GPS receiver

EUROGI Open ExCom Meeting participants were informed on the details of the concept and methodology to be applied

The events were hosted by the Czech Association for Geo-information (CAGI) in the premises of the Ministry of Informatics.

The initiative on the inventory of the Big Trees in Europe was highlighted. The distributed Methodological Guide was elaborated in joint collaboration of HUNAGI and the Department of Geodesy and Mine Surveying of the Miskolc University

European Parliament and European Council Agreement on the INSPIRE Directive

Ms. Eva Pauknerova's fresh slide on the INSPIRE press release at the EUROGI Extended Members Meeting held in Prague on 23rd November 2006 just 30 hours after the positive development in Brussels.

An Agreement was achieved on Inspire Directive 10 minutes before midnight in Brussels on 21st November 2006.
Press release:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hungary at the 5th Int'l Symposium on Digital Earth

Downtown of San Francisco as seen from the Twin Peaks. Image courtesy by dr. B. S. HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2003

The next Digital Earth Symposium is hosted by the USA

The deadline for Call for Papers is January 15, 2007.
The Symposium Session Group devoted to "Nations" will be co-chaired by Tom Gold of the Berkeley University and Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp from HUNAGI/Hungary, who was invited also to the Programme Committee. As known, HUNAGI submitted bid to host the biannual events since 2003, but Japan and the USA won the right to organise the events in 2005 and 2007. Now the chance to win the right for Hungary/Europe is higher as ever but there is a need for concentrated action involving the governmental agencies including the Space Research Office, the academic institutions, the EO/GI sector and related R+D institutions as well as the relevant European institutions such as DG JRC and DG Research. The bid should be presentation-ready at early June next year. The 5th ISDE is organised by Dr. Timothy W. Foresman (President of Global Water and the International Center for Remote Sensing Education) and supported among others by NASA, NOAA, UNESCO, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley and many more.

EUROGI Extended Member Meeting and General Assembly

CAGI hosts the traditional, annual Extended Members' Meeting Prague, 23-24 November, 2006. Under the spotlight: the NSDIs.

In Brussels: Voting on INSPIRE Directive today

Official website:

Voice of the primary data providers (the European Organisation of National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies called EuroGeographics):

Voice of the fighters for free data commenting the recent lobbying actions against INSPIRE (an example):
Ordnance Survey gets its lobbying in against INSPIRE

Voice of the interdisciplinary GI associations' European umbrella organisation EUROGI:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Conference on Geodesy, Economy and Informatics

Zoltán Uzsoki (r), Chair of the session devoted to the topographic mapping. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006

The 2nd Conference of the Hungarian Society of Enterpre- neurs in Surveying and Mapping on Hot Issues

Chaired by György Várnai , the presentations of the opening session include the following topics:
Recent situation of the Land Administration and visions on the future of the National Cadastral Program (Sándor Tóth, Department of Land Administration and Geoinformation, MoARD)
Advanced tools in geomatics and their societal role - (Challenges and Vision of Dr. Miklós Gross, EUROSENSE Ltd)
The draft INSPIRE Directive and its Hungarian references (Dr. Szabolcs Mihály, FÖMI)
Changes in the education of surveyors (Dr. Béla Márkus, West Hungary University)
Present stage of the first phase of the Acceleration of the National Cadastre Program (Sándor Simon, NKP Public Benefit Co)
The 25 presentations of the two-day conference started on 16th November were enhanced by a
round-table discussion devoted mainly to the accessibility and related conditions and data policy of the cadastral data for the private sector and the municipalities.
A demonstration of sophisticated total stations were also arranged.

Peter Winkler on the 1:10 000 topographic mapping. Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

The kind invitation of HUNAGI by the organisers are very much appreciated. Joint actions towards lobbying and articulate a stronger voice of the users of spatial data in geomatics is a logical option for HUNAGI and MFTVE, the Hungarian Society of Enterpreneurs in Surveying and Mapping.
If not yet a member, MFTVE could serve as Hungarian representative also in the European organisation of the licensed surveyors CLGE.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

GIS Day 2006 in Budapest

Last Call! Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006 (Courtesy by drKE/GL and using the GIS Day logo of

GIS Day 2006 Budapest

The Today's program:

Dr. L. Zentai Head of the Chair of Cartographic Science and Geoinformatics10:05
Interesting stories on the history of maps

Dr. Zs. Török Assoc.Prof.
Map-related website collections for pupils

Dr. Jesús Reyes Sen.Asst.Prof.
What is GIS about?

Gy. Domokos Managing Director (ESRI Magyarország Ltd.)

After the presentation, the globes and the municipal GIS were introduced and studied by groups of the Fazekas Mihály College of ELTE and the Varga Márton Vocational Training School.

The group of the Varga Márton Horticultural and Surveying Vocational Training School of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development with their Teacher and Dr. Jesus Reyes of the Chair of Cartographic Science and Geoinformatics

Additional information:
By courtesy of Dr. Jesus Reyes, Sen.Asst. Prof, the Chair's liaison personel for HUNAGI

Additional images can be found at the HUNAGI website' Photo collection.... Events ...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

GSDI9 Conference attracted 470 participants from 60 countries!

A success for the host country Chlile, but a success also for Europe: President, Vice-President and Secretary are from Europe
At the GSDI Board meeting today, Professor Bas Kok of RAVI (The Netherlands) and Gabor Remetey-Fulopp of HUNAGI (Hungary) have been appointed as Vice-President and Secretary respectively. The executive secretary General is Professor Harlan Onsrud, the Treasurer is Abbas Rajibafard of the Melbourne University. The GSDI Secretariat will run by Alan R. Stevens hosted by the USGS. The major sponsors are ESRI, Intergraph, Northrop from the industry, and the US Federal Geographic Data Committee. The Hungarian member of the Board has been appointed to serve as liasion with CEOS WGISS again.
After Bonn-Koenigswinter (GSDI1) and Budapest (GSDI6), the GSDI11 Conference will come back to Europe third time.
The GSDI11 Conference will be hosted by RAVI, The Delft University for Technology, EUROGI and the European Commission in Amsterdam, in 2009.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hungary invited to the European Roundtable Session

Invited participants of the panel. Photo courtesy by Edward Mecha of GISPOL is acknowledged. HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006
Roundtable session on the achievements and constrains of the development in National SDIs
Chaired by Professor Bas Kok of RAVI, an European Roundtable Session took place on 9th November 2006.
The European overview was given by Alessandro Annoni, Head of the SDI UNit at DG JRC, Ispra. The invited presenters were as follows:
Professor Michael Gould, Spain (President of AGILE)
Vanessa Lawrence GD and CEO, Ordnance Survey
Jarmo Ratia, DG of NLS, Finland (President of GSDI)
Gabor Remetey-Fulopp, SG HUNAGI, Hungary (Member of the Board, GSDI)
Zeljko Bacic, DG, Croatia (President of EuroGeographics)
The presentations were around 4 questions compiled by Bruce McCormick, Convener of the EUROGI WAG on International Affairs.
The Hungarian presentation is available here:

Thursday, November 09, 2006

HUNAGI-EUROGI Presentation in the National SDI Session of GSDI9

Secretary General of HUNAGI talks on the topic. Photo courtesy: Edward Mecha of GISPOL. HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006

Economic, Societal, and Environmental Benefits of
Spatial Information Interest Communities

Co-author: Joao Geirinhas, Secretary General of EUROGI
The presentation is available here:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Inauguration Celebration of GSDI9 Conference

The Celebration took place in the historical building of the Museum of Military and History on 6th November 2006
Remarkable Inauguration Celebration of the GSDI9 Coference with over 500 invited guests including the Hungarian Ambassador to Chile

Members of the panel listening the opening speech of Col. Luis A. Alegria Matta: fom left to right: Chief Commander Jorge Matus, Minister Romy Schmit, outgoing GSDI President Prof.Harlan Onsrud and incoming GSDI President Jarmo Ratia

Professor Harlan Onsrud, Outgoing President of GSDI addressed the poverty issue in his speech

The Ceremony was followed by a coctail, which provided excellent opportunity to change informal views with among others Dr. Jozsef Kosarka, his Excellence the Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary in Chile,
Alessandro Annoni Head of the Unit SDI of the European Commission at DG JRC , Bruce McCormack and Joao Geirinhas of EUROGI, Rodrigo Barriga Vargas, Deputy Head of IGM, Doug Nebert of FGDC, Santiago Borrero Mutis President of Pan-American Institute of Geography and History and representatives of OGC, GEO Secretariat, Columbia and Argentina.
Annotated photographs on both parts of the event will be available on the soon

Monday, November 06, 2006

GSDI Council Meeting - a success for Europa

Outgoing GSDI President Professor Harlan Onsrud (right) chaired the Council Meeting with Alan R. Stevens (left) of GSDI Secretariat. Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Jarmo Ratia is the new President of GSDI Association
The Dutch bid for hosting the GSDI11 introduced by EUROGI Secretary General Joao Geirinhas and Bas Kok of RAVI supported by Intergraph and seconded by HUNAGI received unanimous positive reaction.
The New Members University of Melbourne and INPE were accepted unanimously. According to the rotary practice, nearly 1/3 of the members of the Board of Directors have been changed and the new Members have been elected including representatives of RAVI, ITC, IGM, CIESIN, Universitzy of Melbourne and the Chinese Surveying and Mapping Authority. The Hungarian liasion between CEOS WGISS and GSDI highlighted the identified GEO tasks which could be potentially performed jointly sharing experiences and capacities and enabling synergy. The Chair asked the rapporteur to formulate the recommendation based on further face to face communication with other Council members during the week before the Board Meeting scheduled on Friray, 10th of November. Fraser Taylor pointed out the active participation in GEO task implementation is costly and needs capacity to meet the requirements of sometimes shortly noticed actions with short turnaround time.

New President of the GSDI Association Jarmo Ratia of NLS Finland (right) express his appreciation for the excellent work of the Outgoing President Professor Harlan Onsrud. Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006 (left)

Participants of the 2006 GSDI Council Meeting. Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Sunday, November 05, 2006

First Meeting of the GSDI Board of Directors in Santiago

The Meeting was hosted by the Military Geographic Institute. The notebooks were never beeing in greater safe during a lunchtime... Image: HUNAGI Visual Resources, 2006

The First GSDI Board Meeting in Santiago completed yesterday with nearly full attendance
Chaired by GSDI President Professor Harlan Onsrud of the University of Maine, the Board discussed important topics with a mid term perspective including the location of the next Conference which is under intensive preparation (At the first time in the Pacific). HUNAGI representative suggested a theme/subtheme for the Conference: SDI - societal and economic benefits for small islands with special emphasis on Tourism and Coastal Management.
Participants of the first GSDI Board Meeting in Santiago: left to right front row:
FGDC/USA, IGM/Chile, UoM/USA, UNECA/Ethiopia, EUROGI/Europe, HUNAGI/Hungary
Middle row: Intergraph/USA, OGC, GSDI Secretariat, ESRI/USA, NLS/Finland, RAVI-DUT/The Netherlands
Rear rows: NRC/Canada, EuroGeographics/EUROGI, NLS/Finland, FGDC/USA, IPAGH/Americas

The Board will be strengthen by professor Ian Williamson of the University of Melbourne.
The next Board Meeting will be held on the 10th of November, when Jarmo Ratia, Director General of the Finnish National Land Survey will overtake the GSDI Presidency.

Please note a new blog has the premier today called Tripshots giving impression on people, culture, architecture, highlighting also natural sceneries and the life of human settlements.
A direct link will be available in the left windows "Tripshots" today.

Attractive preliminary statistics of GSDI9 according to the host IGM, the Military Geographic Institute of Chile

The Conference is ready to start such as the buses waiting for the green light at a Santiago street cross. Image: HUNAGI Visual Resource, 2006

Promising early statistics related to GSDI9

As reported by Colonel Rodrigo Barriga Vargas to the Meeting of the Board of Directors of GSDI today, so far about 300 experts from 58 countries were attracted to participate the GSDI9 Conference and the numbers are still growing. These figures are records in the history of GSDI Conferences since the first event hosted by Germany in 1996. The GSDI9 Conference will be opened in the Historical and Military Museum in Santiago de Chile on Monday, November 6, 2006.

Director General of the IGM Colonel Matta emphasized the 3 main topics which contribute to increase the quality of life in countries with special emphasis on the developing countries:
- create a legal framework,
- capacity building,
- financial resources are needed to cretae infrastructure

Newest applications for GSDI memberships:
University of Melbourne and
INPE, the Space Research Organisation of Brazil.
Among potential new candidates are the UN HABITAT and the World Bank.

Dutch Bid for Venue of the GSDI 11 introduced at GSDI Board Meeting in Santiago

Joao Geirinhas, Secretary General of EUROGI introduces why the European bid is timely and special. Image: HUNAGI Visual Resources, 2006
GSDI 11 Back to Europe in 2009 ? Theme: Convergence on Global Level
DG JRC, EUROGI/RAVI and the Delft University of Technology officially introduced the bid for hosting the GSDI-11 in Amsterdam by end of May or in beginning of June, 2008. The goal of the conference is bridging the SDIs in Europa, in the Americas, in Asia and the Pacific and in Africa.
The Bid was convincing introduced by Joao Geirinhas, SG of EUROGI and Bas Kok of RAVI/DUT.

DUT Professor Bas Kok of RAVI in action, emphasizing the host collaboration of the main Dutch stakeholders to organise the event. Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Decision will be made by the Board Meeting on 10th November 2006.



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