Friday, August 25, 2006

Géza Apagyi, Director General of the Dept of Land Administration and Geoinformation, MoARD passed away on 25th August

Géza Apagyi, 1947-2006 Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2003

Géza Apagyi, charismatic head of the Hungarian national mapping agency and land administration passed away in Budapest in his age of 59.
His death is a great loss for the Hungarian GI community as well.
He was - among others - Director General of the Department of Land Administration and Geoinformation at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, President of the Hungarian Society of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Member of the Space Research Council, Associate Professor at the Faculty Geoinformation of the West Hungary University and Editor of the Journal "Geodézia és Kartográfia".

Mr. Apagyi's funeral will be on 11 September at 11:30 a.m. in the Újköztemető ("New Public Cemetery") of Budapest (1108. Bp. X., Kozma u. 8-10.).

In Memoriam Géza Apagyi, an annotated photographic portfolio was uploaded to the . Menu line: Photo collection and theme: Persons

Workshop on the 7th Framework Programme and European Technology Platforms

Bratislava. Image source:

Workshop on FP7, ETP & CIP and Brokerage event,

Bratislava, Slovakia, September 12, 2006

From HUNAGI's mailbox sent recently by Preparing for eContentPlus:
"Dear Sir or Madam,
We would like to invite you to attend
“Seventh Framework Programme and European Technology Platforms”
and Brokerage event
Hotel Tatra, Bratislava, Slovakia (50 km from Vienna airport)
12th of September, 2006
The Workshop organised mainly under IDEAL-IST and EPISTEP projects is aimed to provide up-to-date information on:
- FP7 objectives and participation rules
- European Technology Platforms (ETPs)
- Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)
in general in the Morning Session and focused on Information and Communication Technologies in the Afternoon Session.
Brokerage event is targeted on ICT but experts from different fields are also invited to present project idea and/or to offer an expertise.
On-line registration is mandatory (due to limited capacity of the meeting rooms).
Brokerage registration deadline is:
August 31, 2006 to offer an expertise and
September 5, 2006 to present project idea and partners sought.
The Workshop registration deadline is either given by the limited capacity of the meeting rooms or the August 7, 2006(?) at the latest.
An acceptance or rejection (sorry) will be announced by the server automatically.
You are welcome to contact event organiser Bedrich Weber for further information.
Sincerely yours,
Bedrich Weber
Slovak University of Technology
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Preparing for eContentplus is a joint initiative of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia focusing on cooperation in the field of digital content.
Upcoming event in Bratislava on 21 & 22 September on Educational Content.
For any further information please contact our website "

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Awareness raising using HUNAGI's international mailing list

Above: No fly-by-wire or satellite navigation is relevant in the execution of the figures completed by the worldwide acknowledged flyer Péter Besenyei, who exercises here above the Danube for the air show scheduled for the triple National Holiday of Hungary on 20th August (St.Stephen's Day, Day of the New Bread and Day of the Constitution). Images: (c) HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Hungary in spotlight
Using HUNAGI international mailing list, more than 1000 GI/GIS/EO experts worldwide receive an invitation to visit the Geospatial Hungary newsblog of the Hungarian spatial data interest community.

More on St.Stephan:
More on Hungary:

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hungarian UNESCO Committee counts on collaboration with HUNAGI

The building hosting the Secretariat of the Hungarian UNESCO Committee . Image: (c) HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

GIS as enabling technology to achieve UNESCO goals
Initiated by Secretary General Peter Gresiczki of the Hungarian UNESCO Committee, a talk with HUNAGI representative was arranged on August 18 in order to exchange views on the potentials of GI and related technologies in the field of information society, one of the five dedicated activity areas of UNESCO. HUNAGI will assist to formulate a theme paper introducing this enabing technology emphasizing its applicability in the "Information for All" context.

More on HUNAGI ( More on UNESCO here . More on the Hungarian UNESCO Committee: ( )

Keywords: data accessibility, spatial data infrastructure, Earth observation, satellite positioning and navigation, dissemination of knowledge, awareness raising and multilevel learning

Interest of the Hungarian logistics community in GIS

Left: Zoltán Doór (l), President of the Hungarian Logistics Association (MLE) and Zsolt Sikolya, President of HUNAGI (r) Zoltán (j) with Ms.Edit Vértes, Secretary General of (MLE) Rightj: Location of the Secretariat of MLE in the downtown of Budapest (47 29' 46,48" N, 19 02' 56,68" E). Images: (c) HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006 and (c) Google, 2006A High level meeting of the Hungarian Logistics Association and HUNAGI
The possible framework on regional level supporting regional interests and user needs was discussed by the top officers of the two civil societies on August 17, 2006.
It is anticipated, the synergy provided by the collaboration of players in GI and logistics on regional level will generate better services driven by real user needs. It strengthen the competiveness, the sustainability of economic development and social security with special emphasis on the conservation of natural resources and protecting environment.
The Hungarian Logistics Association (MLE) was legally founded in 1990, but its embrionic group was one of the founder of the European Association of Logistics in 1984.
MLE is a society focusing the interest of the private sector with special emphasis on the support of investments. Their publications include the bi-monthly LogInfo magazine , the Logistics Scientific Booklets (last issue was devoted to Logistics in defense) as well as the Logistics Yearbooks.
More information on the English language pages of the MLE website:

Article on "GIS in Hungary" in the GIS Business Journal

Budapest on the cover page raises awareness on the content: GIS in Hungary Image: (c) GIS Business, 2006, HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006
Editor of Chief of Térinformatika Dr. Szilárd Szabó wrote an article on the evolution of the Hungarian GIS market for the leading Business GIS journal
The paper was published in German by GIS Business recently. Pdf format version is available here .
For further details please write directly to the Author:

Friday, August 11, 2006

Strong representation of the Hungarian GI community at the coming FIG Congress

Left: ICM, the site of the Congress Right: Scenic Munich with the Alps in background. Images: (c) , 2006

Hungary active in FIG
Hungarian experts Prof. Béla Márkus and András Osskó will take over the leadership in two important technical Commissions 2 (Education) and 7 (Cadastre) of FIG, the acknowledged International Federation of Surveyors. The coming 23th FIG Congress and the Trade Fair INTERGEO 2006 will be organized jointly in Munich, Bavaria, hosted by the International Congress Center between 8-13 October 2006.
For more information on the scheduled program:

Preliminary technical program:
Further information on the German Geodata site:

Additional information on INTERGEO 2006:

The HUNAGI spatial data interest community will be well represented. Among others experts of Capital Land Office, FÖMI, University of West Hungary, Faculty Geoinformatics will serve as Chair or Rapporteur in the sessions TS15 Education (Dr.B.Markus), TS25 Education and Management (dr.B.Márkus), TS32 SDI Developments (G.Iván), TS39 (A.Osskó), TS49 Land Tenure and Land Administration (G.Iván), TS72 GIS Application (dr.S.Mihály).

In the TS52 GSDI-FIG session devoted to Spatial Information contributing to e-Governance, Mr.Jarmo Ratia, President of the Finnish National Land Survey and the Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the EU as well as President elect of GSDI invited the Secretary General of HUNAGI to deliver a presentation on the side of GSDI emphesizing national level features. Similarly, EUROGI will bring contribution addressing the European dimension. The paper entitled "Interdisciplinary partnership based implementation of SDI - the case of Hungary" is here . The D-eMeter advanced land valuation system will be introduced by a team lead by Veszprém University.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

HUNAGI officer's visit at the Hungarian Meteorological Service

Left: The building was built for the Met Service in 1910 Right: Operation Room of the Forecast Planners. Images: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

HUNAGI SG invited by the President of the Hungarian Met Service As follow-on action of the INSPIRE Information Day held on 30th of June, President Dr. Zoltán Dunkel invited HUNAGI Secretary General Dr.Gábor Remetey to visit the Hungarian Met Service on 10th of August. The topics of the informal talks were devoted to overview HUNAGI's activities which are relevant or could be interesting from the Met Service point of view: ie. ie. INSPIRE , GMES, GEO, GSDI, CEOS-WGISS, UNSDI, Digital Earth and sustainable development and 5th Digital Earth SymposiumIf needed, the Hungarian Met Service can provide room for meetings, workshops arranged by HUNAGI.The meeting was followed by a lookaround in the historical building paying a visit on the top observation platform and in the daily forecast planning operation room. The daily throghput of the information system is over 23 Gbytes dominated by downlinked Earth Observation data.Planning is fully computerised, using integrated GIS and Remote Sensing technologies supported by advanced communication facilities. Interoperability on international level became a routine in this discipline and the Met Service is not an exception. Based on emerging links and partnership, the interdisciplinary HUNAGI as spatial data interest community could facilitate the extension of such interoperability gradually towards other disciplines which are focusing mainly on surface or subsurface mapping, monitoring and management of natural resources, built objects and critical phenomena. Such a partnership-based interdisciplinary approach could be beneficial also to help solving challenging problems such as global warming, sustainable management of the renewable natural resources etc. The visit was one of the first steps to exchange the views in this respect.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

GSDI Board teleconference

Tools needed for a global teleconference: line phone, timer and the agenda with background documents. Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

GSDI Board teleconference held on 8th August
HUNAGI representative participated the teleconference chaired by President Prof. Harlan Onsrud yesterday. The topics discussed included the wide variety of activities and official GSDI representation e.g. at the GEOSS Workshop in Brazil, the Spatial Society Research Summit in Banff, Canada, and CEOS-WGISS to be held in Annapolis,Md. Further events include the GSDI/FIG Session at the 2006 FIG Congress in Munich and the UNSDI GeoNetwork global partners' meeting (postponed to February 2007).
In the successful GSDI Small Grants Programme one of the beneficiary was the academic Institute of Bottany, Vácrátót, Hungary, member of HUNAGI.
The major action-related topic of the teleconference was the promising development of the GSDI9 Conference will be held in Santiago de Chile. The programme is available at Invited keynote speakers include Maryvonne Plessis-Fraissard, Director of Transportation and Urban Development Department of World Bank, Jack Dangermond, President of ESRI, Ben Eazzetta, President of Intergraph Security, Government ad Infrastructure as well as Ivan Deloatch, Director, US Federal Geographic Data Committee. The Conference's motto is "Spatial Information: Tool for reducing poverty". The known figures are attractive: 38 technical sessions, 10 workshops, 6 regional roundtables and 6 technical committee meetings will enhance the GSDI9 Conference and Exhibition program. The session dedicated to FIG/GSDI will deal with "Spatially enabled Land Administration" . FIG, FAO, EuroGeographics, EUROGI will be well represented. INSPIRE will be presented by Max Craglia and Alessandro Annoni of the DG JRC , European Commission. A paper entitled "Economic, societal and environmental benefits of Spatial InformationInterest Communities" written by the Secretary Generals of EUROGI and HUNAGI (Joao Geirinhas and Gabor Remetey respectively) was accepted for oral presentation, while the Convenor of EUROGI WAG on International Affairs, Bruce McCormack will deliver a presentation on "European Role in Global Poverty Reduction with particular reference to Aid Programmes - A GI Perspective.

Call for experts by 4CLI for Moldova's First Cadastral Project

Call for Opportunity

Our future partner 4CLI Organisation is loking for experts. HUNAGI assist in the awareness raising.

4CLI writes: "On behalf of an invited consortium to apply for providing Technical Assistance consultancy to the “Moldova First Cadastral Project” we are looking for individual experts to be part of the proposed project team

The project includes the following topics:
- Institutional strengthening of the cadastral system, human capacity building and general technical assistance in the area of land management;
- Assistance for the improvement of the reliability and sustainability of unified cadastral system, increasing the quality and availability of cadastral services;
- Continued assistance on the establishment of real property valuation system and development of fiscal cadastre;
- Assistance for the improvement of the cadastral information system, data management, its quality and availability for different customers and users;

The duration of the project is 30 months. The project will consist of an Inception Phase of three to four months followed by an Implementation Phase. The project is preliminary expected to be carried out between October 2006 and April 2009. It is estimated that a total of 232 staff-weeks of consultants are required to carry out the all components.

If you are interested to be part of the team to participate in any of the above listed components’ activities, and have relevant experiences, please send your English language CV (including relevant references, activities) by 14th of August to Also please send your length of availability and your proposal for the work contribution: how you, as a team member would be able to add value to the work of the project team.
The selection criteria will be the relevant experiences and the availability for the project period. The proposed international team members will be selected before the 30th of August.

4CLI Project Team"

Friday, August 04, 2006

New access coordinates for HUNAGI Secretariat

Left: The desk of GIS/RS matters for two decades... Right: New vista from the new location. Images: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Access coordinates of HUNAGI Secretariat have been changed

News from the Secretary General of HUNAGI:
Effective with 1st of August, I have retired from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development after a two decade challenging and intensive activity. My coordinates are listed below and are valid immediately. The old access data are not anymore valid.
In subjects related to my international commitments such as membership in the INSPIRE Expert Group of the European Commission, Permanent Committe on Cadastre in the EU and Bureau in UNECE WPLA all communication should be directed to Mr. Gabor Horvath, Acting Director General, Dept. of Land Administration MoARD

I will focus on my work in HUNAGI as Secretary General.It is anticipated, there will be no impact on the international commitments of HUNAGI (GSDI, EUROGI, ISDE, INSPIRE SDIC, UNSDI GeoNetwork etc). The operational activity of HUNAGI Secretariat is also not effected, only the coordinates have been changed.
The new coordinates of HUNAGI Secretariat are as follow:
Postal address: HU-1122 Budapest Pethenyi út 11/b
Phone: +36 30 415 8276 (mobile)
E-mail :
Blogs: (in English) and the thematic blogs in Hungarian (whereas the character 8 can be replaced by any numbers between 1-14 except 13 assigned to different topics)



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