Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wireless Sensors Technologies - International Meeting

EICDWST champion and EFITA President Dr. Karel Charvat (Head of the UNSDI.CZ) talks at the eContentplus Conference held in Budapest. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006

From our daily mail. Ivan Petiteville of ESA ESRIN, Co-chair of the GEO Architecture WG and Chair of CEOS WGISS sent the information on the following event today:

1st meeting of European Innovative Cluster for Deployment of Wireless Sensors Technologies
8 - 9 November 2007
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
of the University of Latvia

The information document is downloadable from:

HUNAGI-UNSDI HUCO Newsblog: 644 page visits from 63 countries in July 2007

Last fifteen page visitors as identified by ShinyStat. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007

HUNAGI Newsblog attracts visitors from one third of the World's countries

In July 2007, the most frequently visitors of this blog were coming from:
(country, no of hits, % of all hits, change in%)
Hungary 138 29.30 % +26.6%
United States of America 76 16.14 % -28.1%
Germany 23 4.88 % +70.5%
India 19 4.03 % +5.6%
United Kingdom 19 4.03 % +40.9%
Others (European Institutions) 15 3.18 % +344.9%
Canada 15 3.18 % -25.9%
Netherlands 14 2.97 % -52.1%
Italy 11 2.34 % -11.0%
Nigeria 10 2.12 % +11.2%
France 9 1.91 % +0.1%
Australia 9 1.91 % -19.9%
Spain 9 1.91 % +700.8%
Czech Republic 7 1.49 % +3.8%

Intelligent transportation applications and GI/GIS

. Reaching the point of interest using satellite navigation. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007
One-day Conference in Budapest
27 September 2007

Budapest, XI. ker. Bartók Béla út 152
Organised by ITS Hungary and HUNGIS Foundation
Awareness raising by HUNAGI is an action requested by HUNGIS

ESRI Magyarország User Conference 2007

Hotel Corinthia Aquincum in sunset over the Buda Hills. Image courtesy via ESRI from the Hotel's homepage
25 October 2007
12th ESRI Magyarország (Hungary) User Conference

Corinthia Aquincum Hotel***** Hadraianus and Marcus Aurelius rooms
Duration: 9:00 - 17:00
Language of the conference: Hungarian
Invited keynote speaker: Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp, Secretary General of HUNAGI "What brings the near future?"
More information: renata.dietz@esrihu.hu

Sunday, July 29, 2007

GEO-IV and Ministerial Summit in South Africa

GEO-IV & Ministerial Summit
Cape Town
November 28-30, 2007

Information leaflet:
More on GEO and GEOSS: www.earthobservations.org
Past and Coming GEOSS Workshops as published by the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society:

(R)evolution in (G)SDI - HUNAGI article in GIM International published

From our daily mail: Dr Mathias Lemmens, Editor-in-chief of the Global Magazine for Geomatics GIM International wrote:
"Dear Dr Gabor Remetey-Fulopp, First of all we would like to thank you for your editorial contribution, which has been published in the August issue of our magazine GIM International. Your article is online available through our website http://www.gim-international.com/ . Click here to go to your article. To promote this article, we want to encourage you to use the following link on your own website: http://www.gim-international.com/issues/articles/id954-Revolution_in_GSDI.html
We are looking forward to our continued co-operation....
Kind regards,
Reed Business - Geo
Dr Mathias Lemmens
Editor-in-chief GIM International"
Visit our website: http://www.reedbusiness-geo.nl/

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial

2007 Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G)
September 24-27, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

From our daily mail:
Register prior to the July 27th Early Bird Deadline to
save on your registration fees! Join 600 other geospatial
professionals in exploring and explaining the world of
open source geospatial software. Workshops, labs,
presentations, and networking, all in the heart of beautiful
Victoria, British Columbia.
Book now to get the early bird rates: conference registration
before the deadline is just $395CAD; after July 27,
registration is $565CAD. The early bird really does get the
For up-to-date information please visit the conference website
We hope to see you in Victoria, Canada in September!
The FOSS4G 2007 Conference Committee

Friday, July 20, 2007

HUNAGI and its three member organisations involved an FP7 project

HUNAGI, VÁTI, IHLET and Bonaventura Kft
in the sSDI-Net+ project

HUNAGI was just invited to the Kick-Off meeting for eSDI-Net+ which was now fixed by the Project Officer for September 20/21 2007 in Darmstadt.

Geospatial Hungary blog attracts visitors

Visitors from 49 countries read this blog so far in this month. The overall geographic distribution of the visitors is illustrated on the upper part of the image while in the bottom part the geographical location of the visitors during the last 24 hours can be seen. By clicking, the image will be magnified. Also the Hungarian version (http://hunagi8.blogspot.com/ ) is popular, but please pay attention also on the http://www.unsdi.hu/ website providing information related to the United Nations and the SDI/GI/GI issues.

IYPE Student Contest will be launched soon

Mobile in situ pollution monitoring in Vienna, Austria Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006

2008 - International Year of the Planet Earth Student Contest

From our daily mail: Dr. László Szarka, Secretary of the Hungarian National IYPE Committee made an awareness raising related to the IYPE action to be announced very soon. His referred information is as follows:
"The Global Launch Event of the IYPE on February 12 and 13th, 2008 at
UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris. An essential component in that Event is
the IYPE Student Contest. We hope to gather 350 students from across the
world attending the Global Launch Event. These students will be invited
to participate for free if they would belong to the award-winning
students that have participated in an international contest, the IYPE
Student Contest. To that end, a letter will be sent to all National IYPE
Committees, but also to all National UNESCO Commissions, to all IUGS,
IGCP, IGU, IUGG, INQUA and other National Committees, to invite them to
approach national educational systems (typically universities and
research centers) and inform these about this Contest. We hope to
approach students from 18 to 22 years of age in your country to
participate in the IYPE Student Contest. The participant shall produce
an original work in writing (in either English or French) such as, an
article, an essay or a poem, or otherwise. The work must relate to Earth
Science for Society, or to any of the ten IYPE Themes:
a. Groundwater - towards sustainable use;
b. Hazards - minimizing risk, maximizing awareness;
c. Earth & Health - building a safer environment;
d. Climate - the 'stone tape';
e. Resource issues - towards sustainable use;
f. Megacities - going deeper, building safer;
g. Deep Earth - from crust to core;
h. Ocean - abyss of time;
i. Soil - Earth's living skin;
j. Earth & Life - the origins of diversity.
The selection of best five students will be done by the National IYPE
Committees. Rules and guidelines concerning this Contest will be posted
http://www.yearofplanetearth.org/ soon. Students in countries without a
National IYPE Committee will be invited to submit their work to the IYPE
Secretariat. Invitation will be on the basis of available national and
international funding for this purpose. We invite national IYPE
committees to identify such resources in their own countries in the
first place."

Thursday, July 19, 2007

ICSSEA 2007 Paris December 4-6

Paris, venue of the ICSSEA Conference. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 1999

20th ICSSEA International Conference
(Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications)
Paris, December 4-6, 2007

From our daily mail: Mr. Ivan Petiteville/esrin/ESA on 06/07/2007 15:49 submitted the following interesting programme from Jean-Claude RAULT (rault@cnam.fr)
20th ICSSEA International
Conference (Software & Systems
Engineering and their Applications)
Web site : www.icssea2007.org
Systems of systems: A critical appraisal
Michel Lemoine CERT (F)
others TBA
Component interface identifier matching in an insurance system
Zheng Zhang, Chun Zuo, Yu-Guo Wang, and Yu-Bao Cai The Chinese Academy of
Science (CN)
Software architectures based on a connection manager
Abdelkrim Amirat Université de Nantes (F)
An autonomous assistant for architecting software
José Luis Fernandez-Sanchez & Javier Carracedo-Pais UPM (E)
A multi-module approach for requirements-driven architecting
Matthias Galster University of Calgary (CDN), Armin Eberlein American
University of Sharjah (UAE), and Moussavi Mahmood University of Calgary
Toward a semantic Web service discovery and dynamic orchestration based on
the formal specification of functional domain knowledge
Pierre Châtel Thales Communications (F)
Demand-driven dataflow approach to Web services composition
Weichang Du and Hai Wang University of New Brunswick (CDN)
Matchmaking in semantically enhanced Web services: Inductive ranking
methodology (MIR)
Selim Özyilmaz, Gökay Burak Akkus, and Ayse B. Bener Bogaziçi University
Nine design patterns to be used during functional design of a
service-oriented architecture
Thierry Moineau Capgemini (F)
A service-oriented architecture for the flexible integration of
multi-sensor environments into ERP systems
Patrick Schneider Universität Stuttgart (D), Oliver Höß, and Anette
Weisbecker Fraunhofer IAO (D)
Products & Prototypes
SCOrWare: Service Component Architecture (SCA) to make SOA a reality
Stéphane Bagnier Artenum (F)
JADE and Jasmine: A system for autonomous management of distributed
François Exertier INRIA (F) and Benoît Pelletier Bull (F)
TraceabilityWeb: An integrated tools environment for larger scale
collaborative development efforts
Vassilka Kirova, Neil Kirby, Darshak Kothari Alcatel-Lucent (USA), and
Thomas Marlowe Seton Hall University (USA)
Implementing information management to support collaborative decision
making in air traffic control
Pierre Truter Airservices Australia (AUS)
A linguistic tool for improving requirements quality and management
Olivier Pire, Nicolas Pirmez Université de Namur (B), and René
Bujold Hydro-Québec (CDN)
A topological formal treatment for scenario-based software specification of
embedded real-time systems
Miriam B. Alves and Christine C. Dantas Instituto de Aeonáutica e Espaço
Estimating project outcomes
June Verner, Barbara Kitchenham NICTA (AUS), and Narciso
Cerpa Universidad de Talca (CL)
Managing work-packages with DOORS-AMAK
Audrey Kist Artware (F) and Jacqueline Fabre Thales Alenia Space (F)
Establishment of a minimal whole of good software practices needed to be
compliant with the regulation of the pharmaceutical industry
Romain Deguil, Didier Gourc, and Hervé Pingaud ENSTIMAC (F)
What SPICE profile does a supplier need to perform profitable fix price
project and deliver satisfying quality
Tomas Schweigert SQS (D)
Products & Prototypes
Project management
Luke Simpson Project Performance International (AUS)
Towards a learning situation application profile
Olivier Gerbé, Jacques Raynauld HEC Montréal (CDN), and Martin
Beaulieu Université de Montréal (CDN)
KM2: A methodology to build 3L e-learning courses
Maria Laura Bargellini, Gemma Casadei, and Loredana Puccia ENEA (I)
An approach for knowledge base construction
Ahmed Moujane, Dalila Chiadmi, and Laila Benhlima EMI (MA)
Summarisation as collocation-guided text reduction
Günther Fliedl and Christian Winkler Universität Klagenfurt (A)
Requirements management and architecture analysis for systems of systems
Jérôme Desquilbet IBM (F)
Coupling component systems towards systems of systems
Frédéric Autran EADS (F), Denise Cattan Spirula (F), Jean-Luc Garnier
Thales (F), Dominique Luzeaux DGA (F), Marc Peyrichon DCNS (F), and
Jean-René Ruault DGA (F)
Meeting enterprise system engineering challenges for the U.S. next
generation air transportation system (NextGen)
Catherine Bolczak, Gerald Friedman, Robert Humbertson, and John Mack The
MITRE Corporation (USA)
Assessing the performance of netcentric systems
Robert Swarz The MITRE Corporation (USA)
Balancing the balanced scoreboard for complex system
L. Keith McCaughin and Joseph DeRosa The MITRE Corporation (USA)
A methodological approach for operational and technical
experimentation-based evaluation of systems of systems architectures
Jean-Paul Pignon Thales Communications (F) and Christophe
Labreuche Thales Research & Technology (F)
Data integration models for large scale systems: a comparative study
Bassem Barkallah and Samir Moalla Faculté des Sciences de Tunis (TN)
Data integration
Fabrice Bonan Talend (F)
Achieving semantic interoperability
Kenneth Allen Skellbase (GB)
The NetCOS interoperability framework
Jean-Baptiste Guillerit EADS (F)
IEC 61850 and the interoperability from an integration point of view
Ivan Maffezzini UQAM (CDN)
On the description of interoperability mechanisms for programming languages
Gustavo A. Ospina and Baudouin Le Charlier Université Catholique de
Louvain (B)
Formal model-driven engineering approach for distributed interactive
simulation systems
Di Wu and Flavio Oquendo Université de Bretagne Sud (F)
An MDA-based approach to migrating MISs to an SOA architecture
Emmanuel Rias Bull (F)
Automated generation of FORTRAN code from UML models
David Lugato and Benjamin Venelle CEA (F)
An investigation of the impact and utility of software patterns in software
development industry
Ahmad Estabraghy and Darren Dalcher Middlesex University (GB)
Products & Prototypes
SCOS: OpenSource generic platform for scientific computing
Stéphane Bagnier Artenum (F)
From a process model to a dynamical application
Joachim Vandenbrande LoQutus NV (B)
PVM (Process Virtual Machine): A JBoss-Bull concept to support any BPM
Miguel Valdes-Faura Bull (F)
Quality-oriented architecting environment for quality variability
Antti Evesti and Eila Niemelä VTT (SF)
What are obstacles of applicability of the Prometheus method?
Rachida Djouab and Witold Suryn ETS (CDN)
Qualipso: Quality of open source software
Grégory Lopez Thalès (F)
Software product quality assessment
Ana Cervigni Guerra and Regina Colombo CenPRA (BR)
Towards a new approach for extracting business logics of an object-oriented
Ismaïl Khriss, Gino Chénard, and Aziz Salah Université du Québec (CDN)
Refactoring based on systematic analysis with a practical tool
Thilo Schwinn Daimlerchrysler (D) and Carolyn Diana Hürster Universität
Ulm (D)
Static impact analysis for object-oriented programs: An experimental
comparison on reduced-call-path and slicing based approaches
Linda Badri, Mourad Badri, and Daniel St-Yves Université du Québec à Trois
Rivières (CDN)
Credibility of defense analysis simulations
Roland Rabeau DGA/CAD (F)
Effectiveness of Bluetooth address space usage
Maryana V. Bereznyuk Odessa Board of Ukrposhta (UA), Kamal K.
Gupta Indian Institute of Technology (IND), and Dmitry A. Zaitsev Odessa
National Telecommunication Academy (UA)
Formal validation of computerized signal boxes at SNCF
Marc Antoni and Nadia Ammad SNCF (F)
TUCS: How to build a certifiable railway application with UML
Jean-Louis Boulanger, Dieudonné Okalas-Ossami, and Jean-Marc Mota UTC (F)
Tutorial 1: Tuesday, December 4, afternoon
Axel Rennoch Fraunhofer (D)
Tutorial 2: Tuesday, December 4, afternoon
Tutorial 3: Thursday, December 6, morning
to be returned to
Last Name:
First name :
( ) is interested
( ) plans to participate
( ) wishes to receive the detailed program brochure

With GIS Against Crime

Police patrols in Nice. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006

Flexibility is important but even more efficiency is anticipated using GI/GIS

HUNAGI was approached by a British company today related to a conference to be held in Brussels in the subject GIS as tool against the crime between 25-26 September 2007.
Referring to our earlier blog HUNAGI has the intention to address the most relevant institution in order to ensure the adequate representation of Hungary on this conference by decision makers and GIS specialists working in crime management from prevention to case investigations. The official letter will be sent by the President of HUNAGI Mr. Zsolt Barkóczi.
Later today an information set will be available for raising general awareness among the interested institutions. Feedbacks are expected till next Tuesday as latest. Please write to hunagi@hunagi.hu or gabor.remetey@gmail.com .
The event details can be download from:
If there are any queries or questions in relation to the event, the Manager Mr. Ben Agnew can be used as the main point of contact. As director, he is happy to make arrangements for any parties looking to attend. Interested parties from Hungary or beyound should feel free to contact him directly, referring this HUNAGI blogspot. His coordinates are as follow:
Ben Agnew
Defence Director
IQPC Anchor House 15-19 Britten Street,
Chelsea, London,
t: +44 (0) 20 7368 9825f: +44 (0) 20 7368 9377

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Introduction of a Hungarian GIS application submitted to GIM for publication

Ms. Aliëtte Miedema, Editorial Manager of the GIM International was asked by the SG of HUNAGI, Member of the Advisory Board of GIM International to publish a paper on the new Hungarian portal and service application called MÉTA related to the Nature and Landscape Protection.
The project was orchestrated by Mr. Ferenc Horváth of the Institute of Ecology and Bottany of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at Vácrátót.
The development was partly supported by the GSDI Association Small Grant Programme and by GISCorps in 2005 onward and it is intended to propose by HUNAGI for the Europewide case applications portfolio of EUROGI and suggested to take part in the competition of the JaenBlaeu@Prize in 2007.

More on the MÉTA project: https://msw.botanika.hu/meta/meta_a_vilaghalon.htm
More on the Institute: www.erdorezervatum.hu, www.botanika.hu
More on the GSDI Association:
More on EUROGI:
More on HUNAGI: www.hunagi.hu
More on the GIM International:
Please note, this development is the Portal of the Week rated by HUNAGI at www.hunagi.hu
Short abstract in Hungarian
A projektvezető írja: "Az MTA ÖBKI (HUNAGI) 2005-ben Small Grants-et nyert a GSDI nemzetközi pályázatán (http://www.gsdi.org/Association%20Information/Committees/SponsoredProjectsCmmtt.asp ), azzal a célkitűzéssel, hogy a MÉTA-program (Magyarország Élőhely-térképi Adatbázisa - http://meta.novenyzet.hu/index.shtml) digitális térképi eredményeinek internetes publikálására felméri és teszteli a térinformatika által kínált megoldásokat. Munkánkat a GSDI támogatásával és a GISCorps szakértői segítségével kiegészítve megvizsgáltunk több alternatívát a statikus térképi publikálástól a dinamikus on-line térképszolgáltatásig - és első munkatérképeink alapján - létrehoztunk egy kísérleti honlapot, ahol országos táji-botanikai eredményeinket mutatjuk be ("MÉTA a világhálón" - https://msw.botanika.hu/meta/2_meta_a_vilaghalon_KV_terkepek.htm).
A projekt összefoglaló jelentését hamarosan közzé tesszük.
Bizonyossá vált, hogy eltérő céljainknak megfelelően többféle technológia alkalmazása a célravezető. Továbbfejlődésünkhöz a GSDI és a GISCorps támogatása hathatós segítséget jelentett.
Horváth Ferenc
MTA Ökológiai és Botanikai Kutatóintézete
2163 Vácrátót, Alkotmány u. 2-4., (28) 360122/157

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Setting up links between SAGI and HUNAGI

CAGI-SAGI-HUNAGI cooperation on the horizon
As part of the activity of EUROGI's International Affairs related Working and Advisory Group, members Jiri Hiess of CAGI and the SG of HUNAGI (former Director of the WAG IA), a promising recent two-way communication has been set up between HUNAGI and SAGI the National GI Association of the Slovak Republic. Ms. Dagmar Kusendova, Chairperson of SAGI replied today in to a letter formulated by HUNAGI on two topics:
1) short term action related to the attendance of the EUROGI Industry Day (representing the VISEGRAD countries including CAGI, SAGI and HUNAGI, all as New EU12 Members)
2) longer term action to pave the way for strengthening the collaboration using the VISEGRAD institutional and financial potentials and tools to reach the professional goals of the individual organisations in the fraework of the European development (e.g. implementation of the INSPIRE legislation framework).

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trust and Security (in ICT) Newsletter of the Unit F5 of DG InfSo

DG InfSo in Brussels. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2003
From our daily mail. News from the Europen Commission sent by Mr. Tamás Kolossa co-editor of the Newsletter in the subject at the DG InfSo
Dear Colleague,
Please find here attached a copy of the sixth issue of the newsletter about ICT R&D in Trust and Security from the Unit F5 of the Directorate General Information Society and Media of the European Commission, which is available at http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/security/newsletter_en.html.
Please consult regularly our Website http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/security/home_en.html to see the agenda of events and the research that is currently being conducted.
In accordance with the Trust and Security Newsletter Privacy Statement, please send us an e-mail to mailto:infso-trust-security@ec.europa.eu indicating in the subject 'subscribe' or 'un-subscribe' if you have not done so already in order to receive this newsletter or not in the future. In case you wish to 'subscribe', you can also specify in the body message 'pdf' or 'text' for receiving the newsletter in this format or 'url' to just receive the link to our web page.
Additional information about the privacy statement can be found at http://cordis.europa.eu/ist/trust-security/newsletter.htm
Enjoy your reading and have a nice Summer break.
Best wishes,
Jacques BUS
Head of Security Unit
DG Information Society and Media, ICT Programme
European Commission
email: Jacques.BUS@ec.europa.eu tel: + fax: +

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Porto presentations downloadable!

From our daily mail, a letter addressed to LMOs and SDICs from DG JRC, Ispra:
"Dear colleague,
The aim of this message is to provide you with an update on INSPIRE-related topics, and to invite the Spatial Data Interest Community (SDICs) or Legally Mandated Organisation (LMO) you represent to consider the two calls for expression of interest for Data Specifications and Monitoring and Reporting that are now open.
Porto presentations
At the 13th EC GI & GIS Workshop in Porto, Portugal, staff of the Commission and the chairs and co-chairs of the Drafting Teams delivered presentations on the INSPIRE Context and Coordination, Work Plan (2007-09), Strategy for co-funding, Funding opportunities, the current status of the development of the Implementing Rules, and the INSPIRE Geo-portal. These presentations are available on the INSPIRE website (http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/, go to Document archive / 13th EC GI & GIS Workshop: INSPIRE presentations).
Call for expression of interest for data specifications development
First of all, thank you for any comments you have submitted to the consultations on the deliverables of the Data Specifications Drafting Team. 39 SDICs and LMOs have submitted comments on the INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model (DS-D2.5) and over 50 to the Definition and Scoping of Annex Themes (DS-D2.3). These comments will be analysed and processed in the coming months. In preparation for the Implementing Rule development for each spatial data theme listed in the annexes of the Directive, the INSPIRE Team invites SDICs and LMO to submit candidate Specifications (scenario 1), and to participate in Specification Development process (scenario 2). The deadline is 30 September 2007. Details of the call are available on http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/ds/
Call for expression of interest to participate in the Monitoring Feasibility Test
Article 21 of the INSPIRE directive requires Member States to monitor the implementation and use of their infrastructures for spatial information, and to provide a three-yearly report to the Commission. To that aim, the Drafting Team Monitoring and Reporting has been preparing a Monitoring framework. SDICs and LMOs are invited to express their interest to participate in the Monitoring Feasibility Test. The deadline is 27 July 2007. Details of the call are available on http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/mr/
The eContentPlus work programme and call for proposals have been adopted by the Commission on 6 July 2007. The deadline for proposals is 4 October 2007, 17:00. A link to the call is provided on the INSPIRE website.
Draft minutes of the first INSPIRE Committee meeting public
The draft minutes of the first INSPIRE Committee that took place on 26 June 2007 have been submitted to the European Parliament and are publicly available. For more information please see the INSPIRE website.
In order to assist the SDICs and LMOs, a RSS feed has been set-up for the INSPIRE News. The URL is http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/rss/readRSS.cfm . It provides the INSPIRE News of the last 40 days.
The INSPIRE team"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The 2007 EUROGI Extended Member Meeting will take place in Lisbon under the Portugese EU Presidency

Lisbon as seen from a landing airplane. Image HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007

The date October 26-27, 2007 was announced at the 13th EC GI-GIS Workshop by Prof. Mauro Salvemini, President of the European Umbrella Organisation of Geographic Information.

EUROGI Industry Day will be held in Rome supported by the European Commission

The planned date of the Workshop was 17-18 September 2007.
The event has been postponed due to schedule conflict with an e-Gov Award event held in Portugal under the auspice of the PT Semester of the EU.

Nominee for the Hungarian industry representative recommended by HUNAGI was submitted to EUROGI on 15th July 2007.

The nominee DigiTerra is member of HUNAGI since many years. The DigiTerra Ltd is an innovative solution provider in operational application of GI/GIS in agriculture, forestry having impact on the economic-societal development of the people living in rural areas.

Castle Hotel of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

This baroque style Szent-Miklóssy-Kubinyi chateau in Erdőtarcsa is ideally situated for rest and relaxation in a beautiful environment just 50 km from Budapest. Having wireless internet connectivity the castle hotel of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences enabled the enhancement HUNAGI blogs from this remote place.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HUNAGI website and blog acknowledged by the President of EUROGI

EUROGI President Prof. Mauro Salvemini said at the ExCom Meeting held in Porto last weekend that HUNAGI website and blogs are among the most up-to-date and informative in the EUROGI family and beyound.
The collection and maintenance of the news are based on HUNAGI comprehensive international and domestic links. It is anticipated, the expected more active involvement of the members and partners will further enhance the service which has the main goals to raise awareness and disseminate filtered relevant information for the GI community.

EuroSDR News

From our daily mail:
Received from EuroSDR Secretariat directly and from Bruce McCormack, Convenor of the International Affairs at EUROGI simultaneously:
EuroSDR News: 2007-2, June 2007
In this issue:
Croatia becomes latest Member of EuroSDR...
MoreCertification of Airborne Digital Cameras...MoreResearch in ALS Intensity Calibration...MoreInteroperability Test-Bed Initiative...MoreE-Learning courses 2008...MoreSpatial Information Activities in The Netherlands...More
About EuroSDRContact EuroSDRUnsubscribe

The Republic of Croatia joins EuroSDRAt its 110th meetings in Rotterdam, EuroSDR was delighted to admit the Croatian Geodetic Institute (CGI), based in Zagreb, as the eighteenth member of the organisation.CGI, together with the State Geodetic Administration of Republic of Croatia (SGA), will be represented by Dr. Zeljko Hecimovic (CGI) and Mr. Ivan Landek (SGA).
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European Digital Airborne Camera Certification – EuroDAC²EuroSDR has recently commenced an initiative in digital airborne camera certification. The initiative may be seen as a consequence of our previous empirical analyses of system quality. It was also influenced by the ongoing activities of the USGS quality assurance plan. A clear need has been identified for an agreed European Digital Airborne Camera Certification process.The project, to be known as EuroDAC², was officially accepted in May 2007 and a Position Paper has been distributed within the European national mapping authorities and institutions. The purpose of the position paper is mainly to inform key people of this new EuroSDR activity and to ask them for their individual requirements on future digital camera certifications.For further details, please contact Michael Cramer, Institut für Photogrammetrie (ifp),Universität Stuttgart.
Visit the EuroDAC Project WebpagesBack to Top

EuroSDR begins a project on the Radiometric Calibration of ALS IntensityThe objective of the project is to develop feasible, cost-effective techniques for national mapping and cadastral agencies (NMCAs) and value-adding companies to carry out intensity or backscatter cross-section calibration and to evaluate the proposed approach together with the NMCAs and companies.A team from the Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI), Helsinki University of Technology and Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) will lead the project.Between now and early 2008, FGI and TU Wien will develop the methods to be explored during the EuroSDR project by studying different approaches for intensity and cross section calibration. They will employ different airborne laser scanner data to verify calibration equations. They will then issue a request to companies and national mapping agencies to collect data to be used by project participants to evaluate intensity calibration methods. The project is scheduled for completion during 2009.
For more information, contact:
Juha Hyyppä, FGIBack to Top

European Persistent Geospatial Test-Bed for Research and TeachingA joint initiative, from AGILE, EuroSDR and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), is working towards the establishment of a European Persistent Geospatial Test-Bed for Research and Teaching.Initial objectives are:
to act as a research test-bed for collaborative European research in geospatial interoperability
to aid the assessment of the current standards for geospatial interoperability in terms of research compatibility, completeness, consistency and ease of use and extensibility
to provide an environment for teaching standards and techniques for geospatial interoperability
to provide a resource to AGILE/EuroSDR/OGC for the coordination of research requirements as well as definition, testing, validation and development of open standards
call for proposals towards the realisation of the test-bed was issued and the call deadline is now passed. A panel made up of representatives from AGILE, EuroSDR and OGC is now reviewing and evaluating the responses to this call. Further calls will be made for participation in subsequent stages of test-bed development.
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Four E-Learning Courses to run in 2008EduServ6, the sixth round of the annual EuroSDR short distance e-learning courses, will begin in Spring 2008. It will be hosted by The University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart under the direction of Prof. Eberhard Gülch.The courses are of two-weeks duration each and require approximately thirty hours of on-line participation. They run consecutively with a one-week break between courses. The EduServ6 website will be on-line shortly and will contain details of the fee structure together with arrangements for the pre-course two-day seminar in Stuttgart where participants receive guidance and background in the topic areas prior to commencing the courses. The four courses to be offered in 2008 are:
Laserscanning for 3D City Models - Hosted by the Finnish Geodetic Institute with course leader: Juha Hyyppå
Mapping from SAR and Optical Imagery - Hosted by TU Berlin with course leader: Olaf Hellwich
CityGML - Co-hosted by University of Bonn and University of Gävle with course leaders: Thomas Kölbe (Bonn) and Anders Östman (Gävle)
Geometric performance of digital airborne cameras - Hosted by Institut für Photogrammetrie (ifp), Universität Stuttgart with course leaders: Michael Cramer and Dirk Stallmann
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Spatial Information Activities in The Netherlands
Members of the GI production and research communities in The Netherlands presented their activities to the first session of the EuroSDR Science committee meeting in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 23rd May 2007.The very comprehensive and informative series of presentations was followed by enthusiastic discussion and rounded off by a very enjoyable and relaxed reception jointly hosted by Kadaster, Rijkswaterstaat and ITC, The Netherlands.The presentations below are stored in PDF format:
The Netherlands KadasterArco Groothedde, Member of the Board of Kadaster
Key-registers and Inspire - The Dutch Organisation and Perspective of a (inter)national SDINoud Hooyman, Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
Space for Geo-information (RGI): Network for geo-innovation in the NetherlandsJacqueline Meerkerk, RGI
Implementing INSPIRE (principles): Towards an Enterprise SDI for RijkswaterstaatMichel Grothe, ICT Department Rijkswaterstaat
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About EuroSDR:

EuroSDR is a pan-European organisation established, as OEEPE, in 1953 in Paris, in accordance with a recommendation passed by the Council of the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation.
Eighteen countries comprise the current membership of EuroSDR. Delegates from national mapping organisations, research institutes and the private sector from the member countries devise together a rolling research plan every three years. The plan aims to address the research needs of core spatial data provision, management and delivery. It is realised through timely applied international collaborative research projects, focussed workshops and specialist taskforces.
Research results are reported widely through technical papers and a high quality ‘Official Publications’ series. Knowledge gained is further transferred to the user community through the EuroSDR education service based on short concentrated distance e-learning courses.
Suitable GI organisations from European countries (members of the Council of Europe) may become Members of EuroSDR. Applications for membership should be addressed to the
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Geospatial Data and Sustainable Development - US Fact Sheet

From our daily surface mail:
by the courtesyof the Hungarian Space Research Office at the Ministry of Environment and Water, HUNAGI received an excellent overview on the role of FGDC services and activities yesterday.
The fact sheet includes
- FGDC's role to support GSDI Secretariat in Reston, Va.
- SERVIR service
- FEWSNET service
- Vegetation Health Products
- NOAA National Integrated Drought Information System
- Tree Crops Africa Projects
- Geospatial Technologies in Support of Sustainable Development of Cities
- One Planet Many People
The original digital document will be asked directly from our close partner FGDC later today and will be available for the readers of HUNAGI blog with downloadable further references in the subject asap

HUNAGI acts as facilitator

ELRA was helped to contact the Hungarian Land Administration
based on its inquiry during the recent EC GI&GIS Workshop in Porto

Mr.José Simeón Rodríguez Sánchez, President of the Brussels based European Land Registry Association AISBL known as ELRA contacted the SG of HUNAGI during the 13th European Commission GI&GIS Workshop held in Porto between 4-6 July 2007 in order to build links with the Department of Land Management and Geoinformation of MoARD, the national authority responsible for the land and real property registry in Hungary. The Head of the DLAG/MoARD was informed on the inquiry on 9th July and now there is a green light to fill the gap.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

IHLET and the Tisza River Development Workshop introduced for the ExCom of EUROGI

Introduction of the achievements of the IHLET Tisza Development Programme. Image: Rene Sonnay for HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007
The presentation was given by the Hungarian member of the EUROGI ExCom on 7th July. The presentation was extended by Bruce McCormack, Joao Geirinhas.

Bruce McCormack voted for Vice-President of EUROGI

Representative and President of IRLOGI, Bruce McCormack was voted unanimously for Vice-President of EUROGI in Porto at the ExCom Meeting of EUROGI.

EUROGI ExCom members listening the Spanish presentation on EU Address project proposal

Some of the participants of the meeting left to right: John Leonard, BruceMcCormack, Mauro Salvemini, Isabel Barros and René Sonnay. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007
More news soon

Conclusions of the 13th EC GI&GIS Workshop

The Workshop attracted several hundreds of experts. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007
Conclusions will come soon

FOMI poster presented at the 13th EC GI&GIS Workshop in Porto

Pal Levai of FOMI presented the operational GISS/RS application of FOMI RSC

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

SDIC HUNAGI and LMO FOMI at the 13th EC GI/GIS Workshop

Flyers and leaflets including Terinformatika Journal and HUNAGI folders as displayed at the EUROGI's booth during the 13th EC GIS&GI Workshop. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007
INPSIRE and the Environment is the subject of the 13th GI/GIS Workshop of the European Commission held in Porto between 4-6 July.
FÖMI INSPIRE WG Chair Pál Lévai of FÖMI and the SG of HUNAGI participate the event.



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