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Received from EuroSDR Secretariat directly and from Bruce McCormack, Convenor of the International Affairs at EUROGI simultaneously:
EuroSDR News: 2007-2, June 2007
In this issue:
Croatia becomes latest Member of EuroSDR...
MoreCertification of Airborne Digital Cameras...MoreResearch in ALS Intensity Calibration...MoreInteroperability Test-Bed Initiative...MoreE-Learning courses 2008...MoreSpatial Information Activities in The Netherlands...More
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The Republic of Croatia joins EuroSDRAt its 110th meetings in Rotterdam, EuroSDR was delighted to admit the Croatian Geodetic Institute (CGI), based in Zagreb, as the eighteenth member of the organisation.CGI, together with the State Geodetic Administration of Republic of Croatia (SGA), will be represented by Dr. Zeljko Hecimovic (CGI) and Mr. Ivan Landek (SGA).
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European Digital Airborne Camera Certification – EuroDAC²EuroSDR has recently commenced an initiative in digital airborne camera certification. The initiative may be seen as a consequence of our previous empirical analyses of system quality. It was also influenced by the ongoing activities of the USGS quality assurance plan. A clear need has been identified for an agreed European Digital Airborne Camera Certification process.The project, to be known as EuroDAC², was officially accepted in May 2007 and a Position Paper has been distributed within the European national mapping authorities and institutions. The purpose of the position paper is mainly to inform key people of this new EuroSDR activity and to ask them for their individual requirements on future digital camera certifications.For further details, please contact Michael Cramer, Institut für Photogrammetrie (ifp),Universität Stuttgart.
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EuroSDR begins a project on the Radiometric Calibration of ALS IntensityThe objective of the project is to develop feasible, cost-effective techniques for national mapping and cadastral agencies (NMCAs) and value-adding companies to carry out intensity or backscatter cross-section calibration and to evaluate the proposed approach together with the NMCAs and companies.A team from the Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI), Helsinki University of Technology and Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) will lead the project.Between now and early 2008, FGI and TU Wien will develop the methods to be explored during the EuroSDR project by studying different approaches for intensity and cross section calibration. They will employ different airborne laser scanner data to verify calibration equations. They will then issue a request to companies and national mapping agencies to collect data to be used by project participants to evaluate intensity calibration methods. The project is scheduled for completion during 2009.
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European Persistent Geospatial Test-Bed for Research and TeachingA joint initiative, from AGILE, EuroSDR and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), is working towards the establishment of a European Persistent Geospatial Test-Bed for Research and Teaching.Initial objectives are:
to act as a research test-bed for collaborative European research in geospatial interoperability
to aid the assessment of the current standards for geospatial interoperability in terms of research compatibility, completeness, consistency and ease of use and extensibility
to provide an environment for teaching standards and techniques for geospatial interoperability
to provide a resource to AGILE/EuroSDR/OGC for the coordination of research requirements as well as definition, testing, validation and development of open standards
call for proposals towards the realisation of the test-bed was issued and the call deadline is now passed. A panel made up of representatives from AGILE, EuroSDR and OGC is now reviewing and evaluating the responses to this call. Further calls will be made for participation in subsequent stages of test-bed development.
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Four E-Learning Courses to run in 2008EduServ6, the sixth round of the annual EuroSDR short distance e-learning courses, will begin in Spring 2008. It will be hosted by The University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart under the direction of Prof. Eberhard Gülch.The courses are of two-weeks duration each and require approximately thirty hours of on-line participation. They run consecutively with a one-week break between courses. The EduServ6 website will be on-line shortly and will contain details of the fee structure together with arrangements for the pre-course two-day seminar in Stuttgart where participants receive guidance and background in the topic areas prior to commencing the courses. The four courses to be offered in 2008 are:
Laserscanning for 3D City Models - Hosted by the Finnish Geodetic Institute with course leader: Juha Hyyppå
Mapping from SAR and Optical Imagery - Hosted by TU Berlin with course leader: Olaf Hellwich
CityGML - Co-hosted by University of Bonn and University of Gävle with course leaders: Thomas Kölbe (Bonn) and Anders Östman (Gävle)
Geometric performance of digital airborne cameras - Hosted by Institut für Photogrammetrie (ifp), Universität Stuttgart with course leaders: Michael Cramer and Dirk Stallmann
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Spatial Information Activities in The Netherlands
Members of the GI production and research communities in The Netherlands presented their activities to the first session of the EuroSDR Science committee meeting in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 23rd May 2007.The very comprehensive and informative series of presentations was followed by enthusiastic discussion and rounded off by a very enjoyable and relaxed reception jointly hosted by Kadaster, Rijkswaterstaat and ITC, The Netherlands.The presentations below are stored in PDF format:
The Netherlands KadasterArco Groothedde, Member of the Board of Kadaster
Key-registers and Inspire - The Dutch Organisation and Perspective of a (inter)national SDINoud Hooyman, Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
Space for Geo-information (RGI): Network for geo-innovation in the NetherlandsJacqueline Meerkerk, RGI
Implementing INSPIRE (principles): Towards an Enterprise SDI for RijkswaterstaatMichel Grothe, ICT Department Rijkswaterstaat
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About EuroSDR:

EuroSDR is a pan-European organisation established, as OEEPE, in 1953 in Paris, in accordance with a recommendation passed by the Council of the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation.
Eighteen countries comprise the current membership of EuroSDR. Delegates from national mapping organisations, research institutes and the private sector from the member countries devise together a rolling research plan every three years. The plan aims to address the research needs of core spatial data provision, management and delivery. It is realised through timely applied international collaborative research projects, focussed workshops and specialist taskforces.
Research results are reported widely through technical papers and a high quality ‘Official Publications’ series. Knowledge gained is further transferred to the user community through the EuroSDR education service based on short concentrated distance e-learning courses.
Suitable GI organisations from European countries (members of the Council of Europe) may become Members of EuroSDR. Applications for membership should be addressed to the
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