Friday, July 20, 2007

IYPE Student Contest will be launched soon

Mobile in situ pollution monitoring in Vienna, Austria Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006

2008 - International Year of the Planet Earth Student Contest

From our daily mail: Dr. László Szarka, Secretary of the Hungarian National IYPE Committee made an awareness raising related to the IYPE action to be announced very soon. His referred information is as follows:
"The Global Launch Event of the IYPE on February 12 and 13th, 2008 at
UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris. An essential component in that Event is
the IYPE Student Contest. We hope to gather 350 students from across the
world attending the Global Launch Event. These students will be invited
to participate for free if they would belong to the award-winning
students that have participated in an international contest, the IYPE
Student Contest. To that end, a letter will be sent to all National IYPE
Committees, but also to all National UNESCO Commissions, to all IUGS,
IGCP, IGU, IUGG, INQUA and other National Committees, to invite them to
approach national educational systems (typically universities and
research centers) and inform these about this Contest. We hope to
approach students from 18 to 22 years of age in your country to
participate in the IYPE Student Contest. The participant shall produce
an original work in writing (in either English or French) such as, an
article, an essay or a poem, or otherwise. The work must relate to Earth
Science for Society, or to any of the ten IYPE Themes:
a. Groundwater - towards sustainable use;
b. Hazards - minimizing risk, maximizing awareness;
c. Earth & Health - building a safer environment;
d. Climate - the 'stone tape';
e. Resource issues - towards sustainable use;
f. Megacities - going deeper, building safer;
g. Deep Earth - from crust to core;
h. Ocean - abyss of time;
i. Soil - Earth's living skin;
j. Earth & Life - the origins of diversity.
The selection of best five students will be done by the National IYPE
Committees. Rules and guidelines concerning this Contest will be posted
on soon. Students in countries without a
National IYPE Committee will be invited to submit their work to the IYPE
Secretariat. Invitation will be on the basis of available national and
international funding for this purpose. We invite national IYPE
committees to identify such resources in their own countries in the
first place."


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