Friday, August 04, 2006

New access coordinates for HUNAGI Secretariat

Left: The desk of GIS/RS matters for two decades... Right: New vista from the new location. Images: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Access coordinates of HUNAGI Secretariat have been changed

News from the Secretary General of HUNAGI:
Effective with 1st of August, I have retired from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development after a two decade challenging and intensive activity. My coordinates are listed below and are valid immediately. The old access data are not anymore valid.
In subjects related to my international commitments such as membership in the INSPIRE Expert Group of the European Commission, Permanent Committe on Cadastre in the EU and Bureau in UNECE WPLA all communication should be directed to Mr. Gabor Horvath, Acting Director General, Dept. of Land Administration MoARD

I will focus on my work in HUNAGI as Secretary General.It is anticipated, there will be no impact on the international commitments of HUNAGI (GSDI, EUROGI, ISDE, INSPIRE SDIC, UNSDI GeoNetwork etc). The operational activity of HUNAGI Secretariat is also not effected, only the coordinates have been changed.
The new coordinates of HUNAGI Secretariat are as follow:
Postal address: HU-1122 Budapest Pethenyi út 11/b
Phone: +36 30 415 8276 (mobile)
E-mail :
Blogs: (in English) and the thematic blogs in Hungarian (whereas the character 8 can be replaced by any numbers between 1-14 except 13 assigned to different topics)


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