Saturday, August 19, 2006

Interest of the Hungarian logistics community in GIS

Left: Zoltán Doór (l), President of the Hungarian Logistics Association (MLE) and Zsolt Sikolya, President of HUNAGI (r) Zoltán (j) with Ms.Edit Vértes, Secretary General of (MLE) Rightj: Location of the Secretariat of MLE in the downtown of Budapest (47 29' 46,48" N, 19 02' 56,68" E). Images: (c) HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006 and (c) Google, 2006A High level meeting of the Hungarian Logistics Association and HUNAGI
The possible framework on regional level supporting regional interests and user needs was discussed by the top officers of the two civil societies on August 17, 2006.
It is anticipated, the synergy provided by the collaboration of players in GI and logistics on regional level will generate better services driven by real user needs. It strengthen the competiveness, the sustainability of economic development and social security with special emphasis on the conservation of natural resources and protecting environment.
The Hungarian Logistics Association (MLE) was legally founded in 1990, but its embrionic group was one of the founder of the European Association of Logistics in 1984.
MLE is a society focusing the interest of the private sector with special emphasis on the support of investments. Their publications include the bi-monthly LogInfo magazine , the Logistics Scientific Booklets (last issue was devoted to Logistics in defense) as well as the Logistics Yearbooks.
More information on the English language pages of the MLE website:


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