Thursday, November 16, 2006

Conference on Geodesy, Economy and Informatics

Zoltán Uzsoki (r), Chair of the session devoted to the topographic mapping. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006

The 2nd Conference of the Hungarian Society of Enterpre- neurs in Surveying and Mapping on Hot Issues

Chaired by György Várnai , the presentations of the opening session include the following topics:
Recent situation of the Land Administration and visions on the future of the National Cadastral Program (Sándor Tóth, Department of Land Administration and Geoinformation, MoARD)
Advanced tools in geomatics and their societal role - (Challenges and Vision of Dr. Miklós Gross, EUROSENSE Ltd)
The draft INSPIRE Directive and its Hungarian references (Dr. Szabolcs Mihály, FÖMI)
Changes in the education of surveyors (Dr. Béla Márkus, West Hungary University)
Present stage of the first phase of the Acceleration of the National Cadastre Program (Sándor Simon, NKP Public Benefit Co)
The 25 presentations of the two-day conference started on 16th November were enhanced by a
round-table discussion devoted mainly to the accessibility and related conditions and data policy of the cadastral data for the private sector and the municipalities.
A demonstration of sophisticated total stations were also arranged.

Peter Winkler on the 1:10 000 topographic mapping. Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

The kind invitation of HUNAGI by the organisers are very much appreciated. Joint actions towards lobbying and articulate a stronger voice of the users of spatial data in geomatics is a logical option for HUNAGI and MFTVE, the Hungarian Society of Enterpreneurs in Surveying and Mapping.
If not yet a member, MFTVE could serve as Hungarian representative also in the European organisation of the licensed surveyors CLGE.


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