Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dutch Bid for Venue of the GSDI 11 introduced at GSDI Board Meeting in Santiago

Joao Geirinhas, Secretary General of EUROGI introduces why the European bid is timely and special. Image: HUNAGI Visual Resources, 2006
GSDI 11 Back to Europe in 2009 ? Theme: Convergence on Global Level
DG JRC, EUROGI/RAVI and the Delft University of Technology officially introduced the bid for hosting the GSDI-11 in Amsterdam by end of May or in beginning of June, 2008. The goal of the conference is bridging the SDIs in Europa, in the Americas, in Asia and the Pacific and in Africa.
The Bid was convincing introduced by Joao Geirinhas, SG of EUROGI and Bas Kok of RAVI/DUT.

DUT Professor Bas Kok of RAVI in action, emphasizing the host collaboration of the main Dutch stakeholders to organise the event. Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Decision will be made by the Board Meeting on 10th November 2006.


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