Friday, October 13, 2006

World Food Day 2006 Event in Budapest

Ms.Maria Kadlecikova of FAO SEUR, Mr. Fülöp Benedek State Secretary of MoARD and Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development Mr. József Gráf Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Invest in Agriculture for Food Security -
the whole world will profit
World Food Day 2006
16 October 2006

Acknowledgement of HUNAGI by FAO SEUR

After the written message of the President of the Hungarian Parliament Ms. Dr. Katalin Szili and the Opening Speach of József Gráf, Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Hungary, the invited speakers of the event were talking on the following themes:
Prof. Csaba Csáki: Priorities in the World Agricultural Production
Prof. Pál Romány (initiator of the World Food Day in 1979): Programmed agriculture or traditional single production?
Dr. Péter Péter: Investments in food industry
Taking into account, 70 percent of the World's hungry live in rural areas , and of which 3% coming from the Central and Eastern European subregion, as well as the investments are vital for the economic growth, sustainable agricultural and rural developments, the three messages of the conference part of the event were as follow:
- the best investment is the train of trainers and education starting from the elementary school (emphasized by the Minister and Professor Romány),
- the investment in infrastructure helping connectivity eg. by roads (emphasized by Professor Csáki and Dr.Biacs) and
- using synergy of partnership between the government, NGOs, academia and private sector (emphasized by Ms. Maria Kadlecikova also in her dedicated morning report broadcasted by the Kossuth Rádió)

Invitation and the FAO World Food Day 2006 Medal. Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

After the Closing word of the host Ms. Maria Kadlecikova of FAO Subregional Centre for Eastern and Central Europe, she awarded Minister József Gráf with Osiris Prize, Mr. Fülöp Benedek State Secretary of MoARD with FAO's gold medal, Deputy Director General of the Department of Foreign and EU Affairs of MoARD with silver medal and - among others - the former FAO desk officer of the Department of Land Administration, MoARD and HUNAGI Secretary General with bronze medal. A HUNAGI leaflet in English was available for take-away describing the recent activities including the establishment of the UNSDI Hungarian Coordination Office. The leaflet is available at About ... Leaflets ..asap.

Maria Kadlecikova of FAO SEUR and Mr. Rudi Ziesler of FAO Headquarters in Rome.
Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

The event was hosted by the Agricultural Museum in the Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park of Budapest.
A photographic portfolio of the scenery Vajdahunyad Castle and its environment you can find on the HUNAGI website Photo collection...Budapest...


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