Monday, October 30, 2006

András Gilyén won the Prize of Originality of the European Patent Office

Ceremony at the 18th European Union Contest for Young Scientist in Stockholm, where András Gilyén won the European Patent Office’s “Prize for Originality” . Image Courtesy by A.Gilyén, HUNAGI Visulas Resource, 2006
Directional Compass implemented on mobile phone won the First Prize on the National Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth of the Hungarian Society for Innovation

The award winner is András Gilyén, Student of St. Margaret Grammar School, Budapest, Hungary (Class 12). He introduces himself for the HUNAGI community:
"I was born in Budapest, on 2nd July, 1988.
I attended the Elementary School (Class 1-6) between years 1995 and 2000 at “Don Bosco Catholic School, Budapest. I have been admitted in 2000 to St. Margaret Grammar School, at present I attend class 12.
I had permanent interest about subjects of science, what became more intense within the years in grammar school. I participated here on contests on mathematics and physics in every year. Two years ago I won First Prize in National “Arany Dániel Mathematical Competition”. Last year I could be classified to get into third (final) round of National Competition for Grammar Schools in Physics – where I won 25th position (among all grammar school students in Hungary).
I am founder-member of “Indukció Scientific Student Circle”( ) of my School, at present I am its Student-Chairman. Today this student circle is among the best 3 grammar school’s student circle in Hungary. In all of past three years I held lections on the “St. Margaret School Days” about the following topics: “Simple Engines and Pulleys”, “The Perfect Numbers” and ”The Beauty and the Mathematics”. In 2005 I won 2nd Prize in my school with my “Arch-Suspension Bridge made by Maccaroni” on the “Contest for Demonstration Devices for Physics”. In June 2006 I won first prize on the 15th National Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth organised by the Hungarian Association for Innovation.

My project was “A directional Compass implemented on a mobile phone”. This prize gave me the possibility to participate on the 18th European Union Contest for Young Scientist Stockholm, Sweden, where I won the European Patent Office’s “Prize for Originality” in September

As it was announced at the 15th National Conference on GIS in Education held in Budapest last week, by invitation, András Gilyén is today the 47th Member of the Student Division of the Hungarian Association for Geo-information HUNAGI. Congratulation to him for his outstanding performance in the field of innovation!
Related sources: European Patent Office , Hungarian Association for Innovation


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