Sunday, November 05, 2006

Attractive preliminary statistics of GSDI9 according to the host IGM, the Military Geographic Institute of Chile

The Conference is ready to start such as the buses waiting for the green light at a Santiago street cross. Image: HUNAGI Visual Resource, 2006

Promising early statistics related to GSDI9

As reported by Colonel Rodrigo Barriga Vargas to the Meeting of the Board of Directors of GSDI today, so far about 300 experts from 58 countries were attracted to participate the GSDI9 Conference and the numbers are still growing. These figures are records in the history of GSDI Conferences since the first event hosted by Germany in 1996. The GSDI9 Conference will be opened in the Historical and Military Museum in Santiago de Chile on Monday, November 6, 2006.

Director General of the IGM Colonel Matta emphasized the 3 main topics which contribute to increase the quality of life in countries with special emphasis on the developing countries:
- create a legal framework,
- capacity building,
- financial resources are needed to cretae infrastructure

Newest applications for GSDI memberships:
University of Melbourne and
INPE, the Space Research Organisation of Brazil.
Among potential new candidates are the UN HABITAT and the World Bank.


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