Sunday, November 26, 2006

Autodesk and Intergraph joined EUROGI

Images: HUNAGI Visual resources, 2006
EUROGI's Strategic Issues were also discussed

The European Commission was represented by Ms. Eva Pauknerova of the Unit SDI of the DG JRC, Ispra.

CAGI was represented by President Jiri Hiess, Vice President and Secretary General Tomas Benes.

Also Czech private GI market players were visible during the meetings and social programmes including
GEPRO spol.s.r.o. founded in 1990 and known as developer of the systems KOKES, MISYS and MISYS-CAR in geodetic and general GISS applications (eg. on smart phones and PDAs) and software for vehicle tracking and monitoring respectively ( ) represented by Zdenek Hoffmann.
GEOinformace Journal ( ) by Editor-in-Chief Josef Hnojil
T-Mapy ( )

Intergraph Government Program Manager, Global Marketing Leos Svoboda

Another representatives of the Czech GI Community providing presentations include:
Deputy Director of the Czech Office of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Oldrich Pasek
Prague Technical University, Faculty of CE, Remote Sensing Lab Ms. Lena Halounová
University of Ostrava
University of Brno Dr. Petr Kubicek

Under the Chairmanship of President Jean Poulit, CAGI President Jiri Hiess, the Secretary General of EUROGI Joao Geirinhas, and the following Working and Advisory Group activities have been introduced:
WAG Datasets by Convenor Francois Salgé
WAG User Access by Convenor Rui Gonzales
WAG Applications by Jean Denegre (as Director his successor Alain Bauduin was nominated)
WAG International Affairs by Convenor Bruce McCormack and Director Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp
WAG Communication by Convenor John Leonard

Former Directors Jiri Sima of the Mapping and Cadastre Agency and Jozef Hojdar of CAGI were also invited to the social evening held in the futuristic TV Tower of Prague illuminated with the national tricolor.
The meetings participated by HUNAGI were arranged on the premises of the Ministry of Informatics (MICR) which was recently integrated into the Ministry of Interieur.
The governmental portal has the following URL:
The Hungarian presentations and disseminated background material were as follow:

View on strategic issues
Activities of the WAG International Affairs - towards Europe's Neighbour Countries
Initiative on the Georeferenced registration of Europe's Big Trees
Methodological guide V1.0 (HUNAGI-Miskolc University, Dept of Geodesy and Mine Surveying)

They are available also at the ....About us....Presentations and other documents


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