Monday, January 01, 2007

Bulgarian and Romanian GI Communities, welcome to the EU!

Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union by January 1, 2007!
Excellent chance also for the geospatial communities of the two countries to forge closer links eg. to EUROGI, the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographical Information, where working and advisory grooups (WAGs) are active in the topics data access, applications, GI users, communications and international affairs in GI. This latter (WAG IA) has the mandate to provide assistance for the EU Neighbour countries in the field geographic information by networking, co-operation and exchange of information. The EUROGI WAG IA Action Plan will be released very soon.
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Similarly, the Hungarian Co-ordination Office of the United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure initiative provides news at on the Hungarian spatial data interest community in English, which might be interesting for relevant communities of some Eastern European and Balkan countries. Consultations have been started to harmonise actions and developments in INSPIRE and UN SDI initiative. between the relevant unit of the European Commission and the United Nations GI Working Group. Countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republik, Spain and Hungary are playing active role in the process.


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