Friday, June 16, 2006

INSPIRE Open Day in Budapest

INSPIRE Open Day event venue provided by FÖMI. Image:(c) FÖMI, 2006, HUNAGI Visual Resources
European legislation framework in spatial data infra-structure.
State of the art and action plan for the future
Hosted by FÖMI on 30th June 2006

Organised by the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in conjuction with the LMOs
Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing, the Hungarian Meteorological Service as well as the Spatial Data Interest Community HUNAGI.

Welcome address:
By Co-Chairs P. Bozó (DI MoEW) 10’ and D.Szendrő (DLAG MoARD) 10’
General introduction (P.Lévai) 20’
The updated Work Programme in the preparatory phase 2005-2006. State of the art in the view of the EC Expert Group Meeting on INSPIRE, and the 12th EC GI&GIS Workshop (Remetey-Fülöpp Gábor) 20’
Invited keynote speech: Special features of INSPIRE and Data specification Katalin Tóth DG JRC of the European Commission 60’
National level activities and measures supporting the INSPIRE preparadness:
Introduction of the INSPIRE Team of FÖMI (P.Lévai and his team members) 10'
Task Force on NSDI Strategy mandated by the Strategy Subcommission of the Intersectorial Coordination Committee on Information Society (ITKHT STEA NTIS) (L. Alabér) 10'
Information Society Operative Programme (ITOP) (S. Mihály) 10'
GIS Subcommittee of the Department of Geodetic Science of the Hungarian Academy of Science, (MTA GeodTB TA )(10') (S.Mihály on behalf L.Bácsatyai) 10'
Satellite Navigation Subcommitte of the Intersectorial Coordination Committee on Information Society (ITKTB MNAB) (I. Fejes) 10'
Introduction by the Co-chairs Z.Dunkel (Hung.MetService) and Z.Sikolya (HUNAGI) 10-10'
Proactive participation in international networking in the INSPIRE context:
GEO, EUMETSAT (Z. Dunkel), EEA (P.Bozó), AGILE (t.b.d) EuroSDR (t.b.d) ISPRS WG IV/1 (RFG), EuroGeoSurvey (K.Brezsnyánszky), EARSeL (P.Winkler), FIG (P.Zalaba), UNECE WPLA (RFG), Regional NMCAs Meeting on INSPIRE (I.Rátkai), GISIG (P.Lévai) 5-5’
Relevant activities of HUNAGI in the international arena: FAO UNSDI, GEO-GSDI-CEOS WGISS, EUROGI, ISDE(G.Remetey-Fülöpp) 10’
Projects and Programmes: GMES, Galileo, e-ContentPlus, GVOP, 6/7FP (invited contributors: G. Iván Gy, T.Borza and P. Winkler of FÖMI 5-5'
Questions and Answers
Panelists: K.Tóth JRC, D. Szendrő MoARD, P.Bozó MoEW, S.Mihály FÖMI, Z.Dunkel Hung.MetService and G.Remetey-Fülöpp HUNAGI 30'
Closing words (S. Mihály FÖMI and K.Tóth DG JRC) 15'
Critical areas and hot issues: NSDI strategy, coordination, co-operation and partnership economic-financial modeling, sustainable implementation plan. Announcement of the National INSPIRE Day expected to be supported by EC DG JRC scheduled for November 15.


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