Saturday, June 10, 2006

Innovative Hungarian realisation of 3D visualisation

Illustration: extracted from Holografika Ltd's homepage

Hungarian solution for 3D Display: the HoloVizio

Holografika Kft has been nominated in the IT category of the World Economic Forum's "Technology Pioneers 2006 and has business success at the recent Research and Innovation Exhibition in Paris.
The writes on the HoloVizio approach of the Hungarian Company Holografika:
"The feature list for the HoloVizio line of displays is impressive. Like most of the displays mentioned here HoloVizio boasts true 3D with the naked eye. But, it's the other features that stand out.- Viewers can walk around the screen in a wide field of view seeing the objects and shadows moving continuously as in the normal perspective. It is even possible to look behind the objects, hidden details appear, while others disappear (motion parallax)- Unlimited number of viewers can see simultaneously the same 3D scene on the screen, with the possibility of seeing different details- Objects appear behind or even in front of the screen like on holograms- No positioning or head tracking appliedThe displays are currently available in 32" (16:9) and 26" (4:3) sizes. "

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