Sunday, June 11, 2006

Joint Meeting of Eurogeographics Expert Group on Cadastre & Land Registry - PCC

President of BEV, Austria, opens the meeting. Image: HUNAGI Visual Resources

Successful Joint Meeting of ExG C&LR - PCC under the Austrian EU Presidency in Vienna

The Meeting was attracted 44 experts from 24 countries and 3 international organisations including UNECE WPLA (represented by Peter Creuzer), Eurogeographics (Nick Land, Bozena Lipej) and the Ibero-American Permanent Committee on Cadastral Information CPCI (Roxana Carelli) were also represented. Hungary was represented by the Department of Land Administration and Geoinformation of MoARD. As only private sector representative with international activities covering also land-related isssues, the Hungarian company 4CLI was also invited.
The agenda focused on three major topics: INSPIRE, the Vision of the future cadastre and the Relationship between the Eurogeographics and the PCC . Detailed presentations on the EG Cadastre and Land Registry Expert Group were delivered on the Information Resource Project (where the Hungarian proposal to elaborate CLR-related data availability, accessibility and useability as indicator for the information society implementation strategy was welcomed), Cadastral Parcel - INSPIRE Project, Role of the Land Surveyor and associated regulatory framework Workshop held in Vilnius and the Vision of the Cadastre and Land Registry 2015. All these activities have been and are participated by Hungarian experts actively.
The Green Paper o Mortgage Credit in the EU was presented by Bengt Kjellson, Chair of EULIS.
Above some Eurogeographics internal topics the relevant activities and developments at BEV were introduced.
Some INSPIRE related reports of Eurogeographics were provided by Nick Land for use at the INSPIRE Open Day scheduled for June 30 organised and hosted by FÖMI in conjunction with HUNAGI.
More on BEV:

See additional event the Plenary Meeting of the Permanent Committee on Cadastre in the EU in the next spot.


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