Monday, December 11, 2006

INSPIRE - State of the Art

Letter from the European Commission received today:
"To: SDIC and LMO point of contact
Madam, Sir,
You are receiving this message because you are registered as the point of contact of a Legally Mandated Organization (LMO) or Spatial Data Interest Community (SDIC). The aim of this message is to update you about the current state of affairs around the proposed INSPIRE Directive.
We are pleased to inform you that on 21 November 2006 the European Parliament and the Council have reached agreement on INSPIRE. You can view the press release of the Commission at
Currently the final text of the INSPIRE Directive is being compiled. After this is ready, the INSPIRE text will be translated in the official languages of the EU, and formally adopted at the beginning of 2007.
SDICs and LMOs are invited to continue their commitment to the process of drafting the Implementing Rules. The work of the INSPIRE Drafting Teams is progressing well, and the Commission services are working together with the Drafting Teams to prepare the first consultations with SDICs and LMOs. In the mean time the work for the INSPIRE Transposition Phase 2007-2008 is being drafted, which will include a calendar of foreseen consultations with SDICs and in order to help you in your planning.
We would like to thank your SDIC or LMO for the support received until now, and look forward to our continued collaboration!
DG Environment, EUROSTAT, and JRC"

Please note, according to our knowledge the following oerganisations are registered LMOs or SDICs:
FÖMI - LMO (Legally Mandated Organisation)
Hungarian Meteorological Service - LMO
HUNAGI - SDIC (Spatial Data Interest Community)

If anybody knows another LMOs or SDIC entities from Hungary, please use the comment function below.


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