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International Conference on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society in Vienna

Contemporary architecture in Vienna. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2006
Letter from our mailbox this morning:

12th international conference on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society,
and 2nd International Vienna Real Estate Conference and GeoMultimedia007

will be held from May 20-23 2007 at Tech Gate Vienna, Austria
under the general topic "To plan is not enough" Strategies, Concepts, Plans, Projects and their Successful Implementation in Urban-, Regional- and Real Estate Development

A major goal is to intensify the discussion between real estate experts and urban planners and develop common ideas for shaping the future, with a special focus on chances and challenges of the information- and knowledge society. As usual all info can be found at

The call for papers is open until January 31st 2007.
If you are interested in presenting your work and your projects at the international
REAL CORP 007 conference please use the online-form at for submitting your paper.
There are several possibilites for presentation:
Case studies, project presentations (non-reviewed-papers)
Scientific papers (reviewed papers)
The program will be compiled by the international program commitee.
Peer-Review for scientific papers
For scientific papers there is a peer-review-process, which improves both the quality of the papers and presentations as well as the value of the publication for the authors.

Timeline for papers and presentations
The timeline for submitting papers is as follows
Submission of abstracts until January 31st 2007
Info on acceptence of paper until February 15th 2007
Full-Paper submission until March 15th 2007
Review process and feedback
Final version of full paper until April 15th 2007
Submission of abstract until February 28th 2007
Info on acceptence of paper until March 15th 2007
Full-Paper until March 31st 2007
All papers will be published as proceedings as well on CD-ROM as online.
In 2007 for the first time there will be REAL CORP AWARDS for outstanding projects and initiatives in the fields of urban planning and real estate.
The categories are
Working environments for the information- and knowledge society
Housing for the information- and knowledge society
Urban Info-Society-Initiatives
Urban- and Environmental Technologies
Transport- and Logistics-solutions
Best REAL CORP paper
The awards are primarily idealistically, the results, winners and winner-projects will be widely published and presented.
Submission for REAL CORP Awards can be done from January until March 2007 via online-form at The prize-ceremony will be held during REAL CORP 007

Conference info:
CORP & Real Estate Conference = REAL CORP
CORP-conferences are held annually since 1996 and are Europes major congresses on Urban Development and Information Society.
About 400 experts from around the world from the fields of urban planning, transport planning, information- and communication technologies, architecture, ecology, real estate, surveying, multimedia technologies and more come together in Vienna to discuss actual tasks and topics on urban planning, regional development and information society in an international and interdisciplinary conference.
Speakers and participants come as well from private companies, research institutions and public administration. The common element is "thinking in spatio-temporal relations" in the field of urban and regional development.
REAL ESTATE: There is a historically unique situation in Europe, the new member countries of the European Union show an enourmous dynamic development and also the markets in Russia and Asia influence the development. Those global perspectives also show their influences on the local level, so Vienna is growing again - the unique geopolitical situation has enourmous impact on the real estate buisness.
Vienna International Real Estate Conference focuses on actual trends and perspectives in the field. Vienna also is kind of a hub for the development of the Central and Eastern European real estate markets, so this region will be in special focus. Beside that the topics of technological development - ICT and the needs of the information society - and the impacts on real estate buisness will be discussed.
REAL ESTATE & CORP = REAL CORP: As on the one hand the real estate sector is directly influenced by spatial planning on all levels and on the other hand strategies, concepts and plans alone do not make a successful urban development it is obvious that it makes sense to have a common look on the topics real estate development and spatial planning with the general topic TO PLAN IS NOT ENOUGH!

Who should attend
CORP addresses experts from industry, consulting, politics and administration, especially planners, strategic decision makers, service providers and researchers involved in "spatial thinking". CORP is an interdisciplinary event with participants coming from all over the world and from various fields, e.g. spatial planning, real estate, geography, economy, transportation, computer science, architecture, human and social sciences, surveying and much more, with a common interest in "developments in space and time".

REALCORP 007 will be held from May 20th to 23rd 2007 at Tech Gate Vienna ( ).
Topics of REAL CORP 007:
Main topics:
The main topic "To Plan Is Not Enough" focuses on the relationship between urban development and real estate business,

some of the sub-topics are from abstract plans to realized projects: co-operation of urban planning and real estate development in cities
PPP - Public Private Partnerships in urban and real estate development
Private and public space in the city of the future - who pays and who benefits
The needs of information- and knowledge society for the urban fabrique
Housing the info-society
Transport- and logistics-buildings: the underestimated live veins of the city
Urban-, Environmental and Transport technologies and their role in successful project-realization

Special topics:
Beside the main topic there will be special forums for the following topics during REAL CORP 007:
Transport hubs as knowledge hubs
Digital Cities
Airport Cities
Geo-Information-Infrastructures and Technologies
General topics of interest:
Interesting contributions in the following fields are always welcome:
Urban planning and regional development in the information-society
City, Transport, Environment and reciprocal effects
Information- and communication technologies as planning support tools
Influences of ICT on spatial development
Interdisciplinary approaches to shape the future
Future perspectives of planning disciplines in the information society
"New Media " as communication-, co-operation and participation tools
Data sources and new methods for strategic spatial planning

The detailed program for REAL CORP 007 will be published in march 2007.
It would be great to welcome you to Vienna in May 2007.
Best regards,
Manfred Schrenk
(managing director)
Central European Institute of Technology
Urbanism, Transport, Environment & Information Society
concorde technology center schwechat (concorde.tcs)
Am Concorde Park 2, Gebäude F
A-2320 Schwechat / Austria
tel +43 1 90360 1241
fax +43 1 90360 1299
Director CORP - Competence Center for Urban and Regional Planning,


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