Friday, September 22, 2006

Promotion for the Scientist: discussion forum on the future of Earth

Venue of the Promotion of science Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Televised open discussion forum on the future of Earth. Millenium Park, 22nd September 2006
Global Change, sustainable development and over-consumation. These topics will be addressed by the discussion forum arranged by the Hungarian Academy of Science, University of All Knowledge and supported by the Hungarian Telecom.
Program here
As contribution a brand new NASA DVD was submitted to the organisers by HUNAGI to illustrate the impact of the global climatic change on the ice-covered areas of the Earth based on the visualisation of the systematic satellite monitoring of the changes. The DVD was introduced at the NASA workshop held in Annapolis on 13rd September. By request, it was offered for the today's event by Dr. Ken McDonald of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
On the same day, NASA made an announcement entitled Arctic Ice Meltdown Continues With Significantly Reduced Winter Ice Cover
As far as temperatures drop in the Arctic winter – on average to -34°C (-29°F) – a new study shows that in the last two years sea ice is shrinking on the surface of Arctic waters to record low levels. Using satellite data, scientists have observed unusually warm wintertime temperatures in the region and a resulting decline in the length of the Arctic seasonal ice. The maximum amount of sea ice in the Arctic winter has fallen by six percent over each of the last two winters, as compared to a loss of merely 1.5 percent per decade on average annually since the earliest satellite monitoring in 1979. This is happening as summer sea ice continues its retreat at an average of ten percent per decade.
More: here
Another relevant information is the agreed NASA GSFC-HUNAGI collaboration to establish the Hungarian language version of the Global Change Master Directory of NASA.
HUNAGI member EOGEO Foundation will play important role in this challenging work, but any voluntary contribution from the 113 member institutions and organisations of HUNAGI is welcomed.


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