Thursday, September 14, 2006

NASA Workshop on Earth Observation

In spotlight: the EOSDIS of NASA Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Host Workshop at the WGISS-22: Guiding NASA's Earth Science Data Systems into the Future - Presentations, Video, Q/As

The program
Missions to Measurements: Erich Stocker NASA központ
NASA's Strategy for Enabling the Discovery, Access and Use of Earth Science Data Frank Lindsay
Advanced Information System Technology Steve Smith
Evolution of EOSDIS Elements Ken McDonald NASA GSFC
Earth Science Data System Working Groups Kathy Fontaine, Richard Ullman and Robert Wolfe
Lola Olsen (NASA) offered the possibility to HUNAGI to establish a Hungarian version of the selected parts of the NASA Global Change Master Directory. It will be the third foreign language version after Japanese and Thai.
By request, a copy of the presented NASA GSFC video on the dramatic changes in the Earth's Cryosphere was offered via HUNAGI to the organisers of the coming Budapest event devoted to the Promotion of Sciences to be broadcoasted by two or more TV channels in October.


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