Saturday, September 16, 2006

CEOS WGISS - GSDI: Mutual interest in possible joint contribution to some GEO tasks

WGISS Chair Ivan Petiteville (ESA ESRIN, left) and Co-Chair Ken McDonald (NASA GSFC, right) with representative of the GSDI Association Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp (HUNAGI). Image: HUNAGI Visuals Resource, 2006

Proposal will be formulated for the GSDI Board on potential coordinated actions to contribute GEO task implemen-tation between 2007-2009
At the WGISS-21 Meeting held in Budapest, interest of the GSDI was expressed in possible collaboration with CEOS WGIS in actions formulated by GEO. As first step, the participation of the representative of GSDI Association was enabled by joint support provided by GSDI and HUNAGI in order to learn and understand the ongoing activities and further goals of WGISS Thematic Subgroups and Task Teams:
WGISS Information Infrastructure Task Team (WITT)
EO Data Portal Task Team
Global Data Sets Task Team
Natural Disaster Management Project
Technology & Services Subgroup
Interoperable Catalogue System Task Team (ICS)
Grid Task Team
Interoperability Handbook
Data and Services Task Team (DSTT)
Archive Task Team
International Directory Network Task Team
The WGISS-22 Meeting was enhanced with the NASA Workshop entitled: Guiding NASA's Earth Science Data Systems into the Future and followed by the WGISS Plenary. A full afternnoon session was devoted to discuss the potential WGISS contributions to selected GEO tasks. The agenda enabled presentations of the liasions including information on the forthcoming CODATA event in Beijing, the activities and achievements of the Chinese Remote Sensing Center (CCSDS), the eGeophysical Year, the EU's Information Society Program and Agency GEO activities including NOAA, NASA-USGEO, USGS EROS.
A possible GSDI-WGISS joint contribution in GEO tasks implementation was welcomed by Osamu Ochiai, Senior Program Officer of the GEO Secretariat hosted by the WMO in Geneva too. It should be mentioned, GSDI has multipath connnections to GEO: directly and through its member organisations on regional and country level. The UNSDI, GeoNetwork concepts and the forthcoming event in Budapest scheduled for 28th September was announced.
The report of the meeting will be discussed on the next week by CEOS SIT in La Jolla.


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