Tuesday, December 11, 2007

GSDI Board Telecon attended by HUNAGI

Basic tools needed for a teleconference include a strong coffee with cream, external memories, phone, agenda, pen and a timekeeper... Photo taken during the telecon today. HUNAGI Visuals resource, 2007
The telecon was well attended and went through on a well prepared agenda under the chairmanship pf Executive Director Prof. Harlan Onsrud. The telecon infrastructure and inviting call was kindly arranged by USGS FGDC telecom facilities. Europe was well represented by GSDI President Jarmo Ratia, President-elect Prof. Bas Kok, EUROGI Secretary General Joao Geirinhas and EUROGI member Roger Longhorn as well as by the Hungarian member of the Board. Besides the Americans Alan R. Stevens, Prof. Harlan Onsrud, Doug Nebert and Edwin Hunt also PCGIAP was represented by Abbas Rajabifard from Melbourne. The Hungarian HUNAGI community was informed on the topics discussed in Hungarian some minutes after the telecon (http://hunagi8.blogspot.com/ )


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