Sunday, December 09, 2007

PPP for SDI in some selected countries

PPP in the UK
National Land & Property Gazetteer (NLPG) Relevance to INSPIRE: addresses
Contact point: Steve Brandwood (IDeA)

Success cases in the Czech Republic
presented by Jiri Hies (, )
Regional SDI: Zlinsky kraj JDTMK
Contact point: Mr. Skrasek ICT Manager Zlinsky kraj (public)
Production, management and daily update of digital technical maps
All services are accessible via web portal
Financing: communities/region budget 44%, private companies' budget 56%
Local SDI: 3D JDMP
Contact point: Mr. Bares
Regional SDI case: Asso. of Technical Faculty in Eastern Bohemia
SDI status in Czech Republic
1- CZ National Cadaster and ZABAGED
Remote access to cadastral data: (50 CZK charged for an item) 10M acces annually, access is free for public administrations
Access to historical data back to 3 September 2001
2- National PA geo-portal Since 1 February 2005

on-line map services (OGC WMS 1.1 and ESRI IMS),
Major data sets include vectors: ZABAGED (1:10k), cadastral and administrative boundaries, rasters: orthophoto (in 3 years recycled), raster base maps (RZM):1:10k, 1:50k, 1:500k with environmental thematics governmental portal
PPP opportunities feature:
- no longer duplicate financing
- technology supported advanced services
- special GI education
- Low-cost distributed GIS
- risk management also in cross-border environment
- increasing, healthly NGO sector
3- and
4- Forest Management Institute GIS -
5- LPIS (agriculture)
GEODIS provides quality orthophotomap as reference geodata set

PPP4SDI with ESRI in Italy
Regione Lombardia/LISPA, the geoportal of the Lombardia Region
The project REGIS (regional enterprise platform for GI services) with partners Lombardia Region, Provinces Milano and Bergamo, Municipality of Milano, DG JRC, Ispra
Represents an INSPIRE pilot implementation for Lombardia
Regione Piemonte/ CSIPiemonte, a regional framework for spatial data of Piemonte Region
Regione Puglia/Technopolis, the Geoportal of Puglia Region


PPP4SDI in Italy
presented by Sandro Gizzi of AM/FM Italy


For other PPP cases please visit the separate blogspot devoted to PPP cases for Italy


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