Thursday, April 05, 2007

EUROGI Annual General Meeting in Brussels

Prof. Mauro Salvemini at the TeIR poster of VÁTI at the UNSDI UGPM in Frascati. Image: HUNAI Visuals resource, 2007
AGM elected Prof. Mauro Salvemini as President of the Association

He is representing AM/FM Italia, was former President of AGILE and acting as Professor at the La Sapienza University in Roma. Congratultion for his new post in EUROGI which was supported also by HUNAGI (the proxy was given to Mr.Jiri Hiess of CAGI).

From the letter of EUROGI Secretary General Joao Geirinhas:
"Dear Member of EUROGI,
The Annual General Board Meeting of EUROGI was successfully held last March 30 in Brussels. Although most of the Members were present or represented, please find some highlights:
1. Mauro Salvemini (AM-FM Italia, IT) was elected President of EUROGI for 2007-2009 by a large majority of the votes cast. Please find attached the Press Release and feel free to spread the information among your correspondents.
2. Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp (HUNAGI, HU) has been elected to the Executive Committee, being John Leonard (AGI, UK) and Rui Pedro Julião (IGP, PT) both re-elected. The Executive Committee of EUROGI until the end of March 2008 is now composed by:
. Mauro Salvemini (President): AM-FM Italia (IT)
. René Sonney (Treasurer): SOGI (CH)
. François Salgé (Convenor WAG Datasets): AFIGEO (FR)
. Rui Pedro Julião (Convenor WAG User Access): IGP (PT)
. Daniel Holweg (Convenor WAG Applications): DDGI (DE)
. Bruce McCormack (Convenor WAG International Affairs): IRLOGI (IE)
. John Leonard (Convenor WAG Communication): AGI (UK)
. Sebastián Mas Mayoral: AESIG (ES)
. Antti Vertanen: PROGIS (FI)
. Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp: HUNAGI (HU).
3. NAVTEQ (D), GI Norden (E), Jean Poulit (F) and Bino Marchesini (F) are now Members of EUROGI, being their admission unanimously approved by the General Board.
4. The governance documents of EUROGI (Annual Report 2006, Financial Report 2006, Work Plan 2007 and Budget 2007) have been approved. The Work Plan 2007 will be further improved at the Executive Committee level.
Yours sincerely,
João Geirinhas
EUROGI Secretary General"


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