Friday, January 12, 2007

Novel, global-level inter-organisational action of HUNAGI and Térinformatika

An interesting trial addressing the spatial data management communities worldwide

Masterminded by the Editor-in-Chief of the Hungarian geospatial journal Térinformatika Dr. Szilár Szabó, a set of short questions on a specific, future related topical application of GI/GIS was circulated worldwide using HUNAGI's links with acknowledged European and Global organisations and associations yesterday. Lets' make the subject cleared after HUNAGI will approached by the first boomerang coming from any of the involved international organisation (expected soon, probably in the coming hours). The evaluation of the entries will be made by Térinformatika but as a spin-off result, also the methodological effectiveness such an inter-organisational approach will be investigated by HUNAGI taken into account all measurable aspects including geospatial distribution of the interested parties. Anyway, the first positive feedback cames from the direction of UNGIWG, which is more than promising.


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