Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Opening of the Geophysical Year (eGY) in Italy

From our daily mail: Chair of the CEOS WGISS Mr.Ivan Petiteville of ESA wrote a circular for the members of the Working Group referring the letter of Bill Peterson in the subject as follows:
"eGY officially runs from July 2007 to December 2008, 50 years after the IGY.
The eGY Opening celebration will be held in Perugia, Italy on July 7th during
the IUGG meeting there.
If you are in Perugia on July 7th, please join us. The schedule is below.
See the IUGG program for a description of the venues.
1:00-5:00: eGY posters, IGY+50 posters and eGY demos in the cloisters.
1:00-5:00: IGY+50 movies in the theater
2:00-3:15: Geosciences in Africa Lectures
3:00-5:00: Reception sponsored by WDC, IUGG and IAGA in the cloister garden.
5:00-7:00: eGY launch and IGY+50 celebration in the chapel.
5:05 The importance of the eGY and a vision for universal data access
(Charlie Barton)
5:15 IUGG role in eGY and why universal data access is important for the
geounions to champion (JoAnn Jocelyn)
5:25 The role that ICSU played in IGY and the impact that IGY had on
geosciences, as exemplified by the examples shown this evening (Thomas
5:35 The official opening of the eGY (Dan Baker)
5:45 How data access is changing space sciences (Chuck Holmes)
5:55 IGY message from the Space Station, taped for Paris IPY launch
6:00 What the world may look like with Vos in Auroral Science (Peter Fox)
6:10 Impact of IGY on auroral sciences -- taped message from Syun-Ichi
6:20 Impact of losing archives on climate science -- taped message from
Lonnie Thompson
6:30 The CO2 story from Mauna Loa -- Charles Keeling -- excerpt from NOVA's
"What's up with the Weather?"
6:35 The eGY/IGY seismology story (Tim Ahern)
6:50 The eGY/IGY polar exploration story (Mark Parsons)
7:05 End of the Evening (Emily CoBabe-Ammann)

W.K. (Bill) Peterson, (303)-492-0686
LASP University of Colorado
eGY Secretary,
1234 Innovation Drive, Boulder 80303
Bill.Peterson@lasp.colorado.edu "


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