Monday, May 07, 2007

On the first 6 months of HUMBOLDT Project

HUMBOLDT project - the state of the art

Internal introduction of the HUMBOLDT Project for the FÖMI R+D staff organised by Tamás Palya of the Land Training and Documentation Department of the Institute. Also fine tee was served :-)
HUNAGI's Secretary General - as one of the HUMBOLDT project's international reviewer - was also invited.

Presentations were delivered by Peter Winkler responsible for the Humboldt's Application segment, Gyula Iván, Chair of the Workpackage V&V (Verification and Validation) and Dániel Kristóf developers. The meeting attracted many FÖMI R+D staff members. Szabolcs Mihály DG of FÖMI emphasized the importance of the involvement of FÖMI in this flagship project both from GMES and INSPIRE point of view and the useful role of the young innovative staff members, György Büttner of FÖMI (Member of the EU GMES Committee on Land monitoring) pointed out the necessity of awareness raising on the ongoing EU projects which have close relevance with GMES, while Gabor Remetey called the attention on the achievments and initiatives inside HUNAGI, which can be strengthen the implementation of the project (as example graphIT's internationally award winner border security project and the IHLET's Public Benefit Company's multilateral cross border project initiative on Tisza were mentioned).
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