Friday, April 28, 2006

CEOS WG Meetings and Hungarian Session between 8-12 May in Budapest

Hotel Gellért Photo: HUNAGI Visual Resource

Forum on EO Applications

Special Session at CEOS WGISS 21 & CEOS WGCV 25 Meetings

Preliminary Forum Program: 10th May, 2006 Wednesday Hotel Gellért, Budapest

08:30 Welcome address Dr. E.Both Director, Hungarian Space Research OfficeSession A08:40 Dr. S. Mihály Chair, DG FÖMI (with introductory words), Co-Chair/Rapporteur: D.Szendrő (DLAG MoARD)08:50 G.Csornai et al (FÖMI) Operational use of Earth Observation in agriculture09:20 G.Büttner – G.Maucha – B.Kosztra: (FÖMI) Application of Earth Observation in Land Cover Mapping and Change Assessments09:50 Peter KacsukGergely Sipos Grid Application Supportby the P-GRADE Portal 10:20 Coffee BreakSession B10:50 Dr. P.Bozó Chair, MoEnvironment and Water (with introductory words), Co-Chair/Rapporteur: K.Brezsnyánszky (MÁFI)11:00 Dr. A.A.Takács – T.Lőrincz - A.Révész (MoEW) et al: Applicability of Satellite Imageries int he Information System for Nature Protection11:30 C.Biró et al (Kiskunság National Park) Use of Earth Observation Data in the Kiskunság National Park, Hungary12:00 M. Biró, Zs.Molnár, F. Horváth: In-door and out-door interpretation of satellite images by botanists12:30 Closing Words (Dr.K.Brezsnyánszky, on behalf of the Geosciences Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences chaired by Prof.J.Ádám)

Full program of the week:

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